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MacGyver "Scissors" Episode Recap

Riley disappears and is a major suspect in an NSA hack.

Christmas has arrived in the Mac and Bozer household! So cute seeing Bozer show Riley how Christmas is actually supposed to be done. But poor Riley. She didn't have a great childhood or Christmas memories. She doesn't believe in miracles or anything. Hopefully after this current case, it has changed her mind about Christmas.

Riley ends up disappearing in all of this helping Bozer with Christmas and all signs point to her going down the wrong path again by hacking into NSA. Thornton believed that Riley planned this all along. But I was one of the few who thought something else was going on. 

I was right. The people that Riley was working for, had kidnapped her mother if she didn't go through with what they wanted her to do. Riley could have asked for help and some of the team felt betrayed by her trust, but in a way, I can see why she felt like she had no choice.

We also got a lot out of Riley's past. Why she actually ended up going to jail. Sure, it was because she was breaking into NSA, but I have a feeling Riley could do that no problem and not get caught. She did it so badly to get caught so that the people who had her mom the first time, let her go and didn't bug Riley again until MacGyver got her out of jail.

Love it when a supposed bad girl, actually ended up doing something bad just so that they could protect a family member. That story line never gets old with me. Though Thornton isn't too happy about how Riley went about doing it, she still sent the team in on trying to stop World War 3 from happening. 

I felt so bad for Bozer. He was looking forward to helping with the new case. Not to mention saving the girl he has a major crush on. But he was sidelined again. Hopefully he'll get his break soon. I have a feeling that even though he's not properly trained, he'll be good in the field. Like as a distraction of some sort. 

Riley and Jack finally had the talk that they needed to all those many years ago. Riley never wanted to tell Jack why she has been so mad at him for walking out on her and her mother. It sounded like Jack left because he started to get too attached and that scared him. Riley never really liked him because she thought he was a lot like her real dad with the anger issues. Jack wanted Riley to just trust him and protect her. This was a real stepping stone for their relationship. Hopefully Jack gets back together with the mom too. That'd be nice.

Though it was late, Bozer finally was able to have the Christmas party he wanted to at the end and got the perfect gift from Riley. The rest of her phone number! I have a feeling she will be regretting this, but still, it was sweet. I loved it too that Mac rigged a snow machine so Riley could have a white Christmas. So see, I'm hoping that Riley's attitude has changed toward Christmas time. That in the spirit of Christmas or any time, miracles can and do happen.