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NCIS: New Orleans "Overdrive" Episode Recap

The team research a murder on a race car driver.

Tammy is back! For once, I'm actually happy to see her. I think she has realized that New Orleans is her home and she doesn't want to leave. But will she able to get that job with NCIS even after Sebastian got it? 

Their new case involves a possible murder on a race car driver. The father said it was murder, but now is backtracking his story. Why are the father and girlfriend being so secretive? I figured that the girlfriend had a bit to do with it, since she couldn't even make eye contact with Pride and Sonja when they went to question them on what possibly could have gone wrong. But what I didn't figure is that Dana, the girlfriend, ended up being part of a bank robbery heist and because of Jared, she wanted to quit and they wouldn't let her! 

The news I've been waiting for since we first found out about Chris' baby has finally come out! I called it from the beginning that this wasn't Chris' baby. That Melody was just a user, but what I didn't figure into the story was an abusive exboyfriend and the real baby daddy. That makes more sense now as to why Melody suddenly showed up.

It completely turned Chris upside down, though. I mean, if I was Chris, the first time Daryl hit me, I would have arrested him and he should have. I mean, he hit a cop, but then we found out about his anger issue. Chris set up a nice little trap for Daryl at the end and he won't be bugging Melody and Tucker anytime soon. I'm glad Chris was able to settle that and hopefully things can get back to normal. But it was good for him, though. He realized he enjoyed being a father and possibly wants kids some day now. 

Sounds to me that Tammy has worked it out that she is able to stay in New Orleans. Not sure if that meant she got fired from the case she was working on or just asked to be pulled from it because she realized that's not what she wanted anymore. I could tell that Tammy wanted to be part of a family and that's what the NCIS team is all about. 

Loretta is not at all happy about Sebastian career choice. Well, I think she is happy for him, just not happy about how it was handled. She would have liked to have been the first to know, not just the last to know. Does this mean we will have a new team member coming on now too or will Sebastian be able to cover both jobs? Sounds like a lot of work if you ask me. Maybe Abby can come back down and help him out again. That'd be fun! 

In the end, Dana got kidnapped by the bank robbers because they wanted to do one last hit. The team finally figured out what hit they were going to do and helped stop it from happening. Got Dana back and arrested the bank robbers and the true killer of Jared. Dana will have to spend some time in prison since she was apart of it, but since she did help with the case, she'll be able to get some time off for that, too.