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NCIS "The Tie That Binds" Episode Recap

It's Christmas week on the new NCIS and Ducky remembers an important part in his life.

Fornell is still stuck at Gibbs' place. I wish we did see him more. You'd think with him there, we'd see him more then we actually did. I actually had forgotten he was still there until we saw him in this episode. Hooray for Emily for wanting to take action to actually getting him back home for Christmas.

I always love it when they focus on certain characters, but Ducky episodes have really grown into one of my favorite features they do. We hardly ever see character episodes on other characters anymore and I wish they did it more. That could be partly why I always love it when it comes to Ducky. That and we get to see his younger self. 

Their new case takes an interesting turn of events. The dead guy ended up having Ducky's old street address and Ducky couldn't figure out why he would even have such a thing. The guy did not look familiar at all, so how is it that it seems that all arrows are pointing to Ducky having some sort of past with this dead guy that he didn't know about?

Another one that was easy to pin from the beginning. Either I watch way too many of these type of shows now and know what to look out for, or the cases are that easy that I can spot the bad guy within the first few minutes of the episode and I actually had!

I figured something was off with the husband at the beginning. Ok, it does take a certain kind of person to enjoy the ballet, but it wasn't just that. It was the fact that when they were asking the daughter questions, he just acted off. 

On a side note, the fact that McGee was one of the head agents on the case made it more enjoyable, but we each got a scene with each new and old cast member as well. Still would have liked to have met Emily's boyfriend. Maybe later on we will get to see that. 

So, the reason why Ducky fit into all of this, was because the husband was a nephew of the guy who Ducky's mother was once to marry until Ducky made it not happen. Ducky's mother was going to marry a con man who claims he turned good because he had in fact fallen in love. But I'm with Ducky, I didn't trust this guy as far as I could throw him. It could have saved his mother a big heartache later on. Ducky has felt miserable about that past choice decision. Thinking he had made it so his mother never loved again. When in fact, Ducky was wrong.

It was such a sweet Christmas episode. Normally this show goes to the sad, touching type stories for this time of year, but I'm glad that wasn't it at all. Ducky learned that his mother had had a thing with the gardener before she had past and they were lovers. It all ended up with a happy reunion of Ducky and the worker meeting up after all these years.