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Scorpion "Wreck The Halls" Episode Recap

Christmas has come to Team Scorpion and Paige wants to make sure they have a case free Christmas.

However, she doesn't get that wish at all. It would be nice for her to have one once in a while. I mean, she didn't get that for Thanksgiving and now Christmas? I can see why she was wanting a perfect Christmas now. I think she should stop trying, though, since every time it has failed.

This time, the guys, minus Sylvester and Toby, go out to get a Christmas tree and stumble upon someone digging his own grave. At first glance, it looks like Sam is the innocent one. I mean, he took me completely by surprise which is a good thing since most of the shows I watch lately, I have figured out the plot within the first two minutes of the show which is something I normally don't do. So, it was nice that this one took me by surprise.

Sam really did seem like someone innocent. An ATF agent who was undercover and got his cover blown when he wanted to call his son for Christmas. That and the fact that he perhaps knew some that Gallo once knew was just the icing on the cake.

So yeah, Paige will not be happy when they stumble in with a wounded victim. But their case isn't all as it seemed to be. However, I enjoyed how they tried to hold off the bad guys. Very Home Alone type feel and it was very awesome. 

But here's the twist. Sam, ended up being one of the bad guys! I missed the part where they wanted to kill their own guy, but that's when they realize and a little too late, that Sam ended up being bad and taking Ralph! This team is the wrong team to mess with. Not to mention this kid is the wrong kid to mess with too.

In the end, they do get the bad guys and Ralph back safe and sound. Paige never ends up having just a relaxing Christmas weekend. But I do like the words of wisdom Happy gave Sylvester about his campaign. He even seemed surprised. Sylvester hasn't been himself on getting votes. Perhaps that's why he hasn't gotten any yet. I hope he takes those words to heart.

What Toby was doing for Happy was too sweet. Making sure she also had a good Christmas memory for once. All those special things he was doing were totally sweet and sort of paid off. Even if their weekend was ruined by gunmen. That gift was the sweetest and I loved what Happy gave Toby, too. 

Aw, Tim and Walter. Where do I even begin? I agree with Toby. Walter and Tim are a lot a like. But this is Walter's team. I can see Tim getting his feet into it and wanting to eventually take charge. That's just the type of guy Tim is. That fight was a little uncalled for for both guys, but Tim was being overly harsh. Sure, Walter never totally made Tim feel like apart of the team, but Tim never made it easy for Walter to either. Tim was never my favorite character, but I did like the fact that he challenged Walter and made him grow. Though Paige is totally mad at Walter and why, I have no clue. Paige is the one that made Tim leave. Walter wasn't really accepting Tim, either. Still, Paige shouldn't blame Walter for Tim's boot. They were too much a like and that is bound to cause some sort of friction later on. I just hope that this doesn't mean the end of Paige and Walter.