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Vampire Diaries "Detour On Some Random Backwoods Path To Hell" Recap

The hunt for the kidnapped girls is underway and takes a sad turn of events.

With all the mythical stuff behind the girls disappearance, I was a bit surprised that Caroline and Alaric involved the law enforcement in finding them. Sure, it kind of helped, but in a way, it made things worse too. I don't know why they just didn't compel people to help find the girls no matter what. Might have been safer that way.

I don't know what sister is worse after watching this episode. I thought Seline was the bad one, then Sybil seemed worse. I guess it's a tie right now on who's the worst sister of them all. I don't have this guess work with Stefan and Damon. Damon has always been the worst of the worst. Stefan did what he had to do at the end of the episode in order to save the twins. 

The Siren's and Cade are their worst enemies yet. I'm glad that they decided to save the worst villain for the last season. I don't really know how they are going to get out of this situation. I still have a funny feeling that Elena might be the key to everybody's problems, but maybe that's just wishful thinking in hoping she'll come back for the last season.

Seline is realizing how hard it is to kidnap someone now-a-days. What with Amber alerts and everything. It would have worked, but they forgot one simple thing, too. Seline has powers to control people and that's exactly what she did to get out of that situation.

The sisters don't seem to get along all happy and what not like I though they would. I guess Sybil holds quite a grudge for Seline not releasing her all those many years ago. That's why she left Seline out of the plan of releasing herself from Cade. Seline should have thought her plan over a little more and included her sister. Then she might have gotten her way too.

So many heart breaks in this episode too. At least Bonnie and Enzo seem to be on a good path to enlightenment now. Glad someone is getting something happy out of this situation. For a moment there, I thought Enzo was going to have to die to save the girls. Glad Bonnie didn't have to watch that happen and that they got a romantic moment in the end.

Stefan and Caroline. Ugh, I finally start to like this couple this season and you guys have to break up?! I was a little mad at Caroline for not including Stefan in the search for the twins, but in a way, I understand why she did it too. Caroline wanted to stop at nothing for saving the twins. Even if that meant killing Damon. She didn't want Stefan to get in the way of that moment if it ever came to that. But in the end Stefan froze Caroline out and had to do the worst thing ever. Give himself up to Cade in order to free the twins from their horrible fate.

That doesn't mean we won't ever see a wedding. It actually sounds like it might be coming up faster then I thought. Stefan wants to do the wedding and very soon. May be a somber occasion, though. But his last wish was to spend his last day with Caroline. How sweet is that?! 

Ugh, then there's Matt and Alaric who I'm not sure I should be happy with what they did or if I should be mad at them. Matt said that he sometimes wants to take action for all the pain he has seen his friends go through. Again, I've missed Matt a lot. Glad he came back! But really, going after Damon was their reason for fighting back? Why not find Sybil and Seline? They are the ones who turned Damon into what he is today. Or better yet, take your frustration out on Cade and find out a way to kill him and end all of this once and for all. Because now there's no Damon! Yep, Alaric killed his best friend! That was really a hard scene to watch. Didn't think Alaric had it in him, but I guess once someone messed with his kids, he had had enough. 

I'm really hoping that Damon isn't dead dead, but he turned grey. Never a good sign and without a witch around, who knows what their plan is on getting Damon back. Let's just say, I hope that Elena doesn't wake up now or else she freak out on what has happened. Then she may eventually come around and see why they had to do what they did, but still, I don't think she'd forgive them for killing her true love.