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Vampire Diaries "The Next Time I Hurt Somebody, It Could Be You" Episode Recap

Stefan meets the Ghost of Christmas past (a.k.a. Cade) and relives some memories. 

Stefan is at home, writing his last entry to Elena in the journal. Once Elena wakes up and reads all those journals, she'll need a pile of tissues next to her and be in a safe room where she can't break anything because trust me, I can see her reading some of that stuff and actually wanting to through the book across the room.

I really loved the fact that this was a Christmas episode and I have to say it was done a lot better then the last Christmas episode and Stefan seemed to be front and center throughout the whole episode. Yes, I'm Team Stefan all the way. I didn't even mind it was kind of let's relive your past to see why Cade wants you kind of story. 

The Rippah in Stefan is the reason why Cade wanted him so badly. Cade has known about Stefan for quite some time now. Seline has even known Stefan for a while now too! Didn't see that coming, but the minute she brought out the pen and paper and starting writing down her victims, I knew that her and Stefan had to have met up earlier and we just didn't know it yet. Stefan is the only other person who writes down his victims. 

Seline erased her memory of them meeting and that horrible night on Christmas Eve all those many years ago. Stefan is a Rippah. It doesn't matter if it was Christmas Eve, but the "human" Stefan was positive he'd never do such a thing. 

Then there was that one last memory. One of my all time favorite Stelena moments. The moment they met. For a split second, I thought Cade was gonna alter it or get rid of it somehow to make Stefan turn into what Cade wants, but thank goodness he left that story untouched. They better not mess with Stelena! They've already tried to mess with Delena, but they left out one tiny detail.

After realizing that Stefan is "dead", Caroline wants to make sure everything is perfect at the Christmas party. The dead Damon who is now alive comes with Sybil and is the instant party crasher. "Oh, I'm gonna find out who did the worst of the worst out of you guys and kill that person tonight" is pretty much how their evening went. Matt's Dad seemed to be the target, but why? He's hiding something, big, that Sybil wants desperately. We never did find out what that is, but I believe he's hiding something. That and Alaric was staying out of the way trying to protect the twins up stairs who keep asking for Seline. Yes, yes all very creepy if you ask me.

Loved seeing this side of Caroline again. I haven't seen her freak out, the whole party has to be perfect mood in a while and it was a refreshing change. She even "bonded" with Sybil to get the info she need for Bonnie and Enzo to find the house she's staying in and it paid off! 

Btw, how cute are Bonnie and Enzo?! The fact that her Christmas present is a trip to Paris, means that Enzo is a keeper! And all Bonnie got him was t-shirts? Yes, not the best gift there Bonnie, but Enzo pretty much has all that he needs already. Speaking of Bonnie, how is it that she hears the tuning fork? Is that some sort of sign that Bonnie might be a witch again?

The twins are finally unsirned is pretty much how I took what Seline did with the twins now. Seline had a change of heart, literally, once she realized what kind of monster she had turned her own sister into. Seline wants out of this life so bad, that she'll do anything to get that to happen.

I knew, I just knew that the real Damon was buried deep down in there and that Elena would be the only one to pull him to safety. Ok, it sadly wasn't the real Elena yet, but hopefully that's coming because I still think she's the answer to their prayers and what happened in this episode, kind of proves my point. From the minute Caroline gave Damon his present, I was dying (sorry bad choice of words) to know what it was. How in the world did Caroline know what to give Damon and that this was one of the memories that Sybil forgot to tamper with?! I don't know, but it was one innocent little memory that made Damon snap out of his haze and do the thing that needed to be done a long time ago. It was the necklace that Elena had gotten from Stefan. That memory of Damon giving it to her when she lost it again, was the memory that triggered Damon into realizing that Sybil isn't who she says she is and killed her right then and there! i was so happy, I wanted to shout for joy!

Damon is thrilled to be going on a one year killing binge with Stefan as the Rippah when he sadly turned off his humanity once they were outside of Mystic Falls. Even though I'm a huge Stefan fan and will always be a Stefan fan, I still have hope for Damon. Hey, he killed Sybil right when she thought she had him for sure. Damon is still acting like his jerk self but that memory of Elena is what triggered something inside of him. I just 100% believe that Elena is the key to all of this and whenever they can find a way to get Elena out of her forever sleep, that that'll be the end of their problems.