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Bull "E.J." Episode Recap

Bull takes a new case. Did the car really kill someone?

One of my favorite episodes! I loved that it went a little more in depth and more in background detail of the characters involved. That we actually found out why E.J. (the self driven car) was actually invented and as always, Bull always gets to the bottom of finding out who the real killer is.

The minute I met Jenny and the fact that she was working on one soul project, I knew that there had to be a reasoning behind her creating a car like this and losing herself in the machine. It was because she, herself, had gotten into a car accident and the love of her life died that night because of it. So, she wanted to invent a car that would save as many lives as possible and would never ever have someone to go through what she went through.

But that's where Bull has to come in when her car actually ends up killing one of her employees. Could it be that the car actually acted on it's own free will and killed someone or was someone else involved in the crash? 

Turns out that it was both. The car was hacked by one of Jenny's employees and the car ended up killing the other employee all because Carter (the murderer) was in love with Jenny and she could never let go of her one true love she lost that night all those years ago.

Not without the help of Bull. I thought it was so sweet of him that he felt the need to help her get over her loss and move on with her life and it looks like he did just that. It'll be a hard road for her, but I'm sure she'll bounce back.

The teacher was also involved in the "accident". He's the one that was behind it all with the code and everything. I knew he had to be involved somehow. Don't ask me how I knew, I just did.