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NCIS "Keep Going" Episode Recap

After a hit and run accident, Jimmy finds the lost son up on the roof about ready to commit suicide.

I am beyond thrilled that they finally did another Jimmy filled episode! Jimmy is my favorite character now that Tony is gone and they haven't featured him as a main character in such a long time that it was due to have an episode surrounding him and his awesomeness. 

At first, though, I had to look to make sure that this wasn't his last episode. Normally when they start to walk down memory lane and look at big moments in a characters life, it normally means that this is their last episode. Thank goodness it didn't turn out that way with Jimmy at all, but it was awesome to see all of Jimmy's past again. I never get tired of seeing those memories and he opened up big time in trying to talk the jumper out of well, not jumping to his death and possibly pulling Jimmy over in the process.

So this kid, Ryan, basically witnesses his dad getting run over and then the car just running off afterward, hence the hit and run incident. Thinking this was all his fault and his life not going the way he wanted it to and not to mention him thinking he fails everything he touches, he decides to end his life. Thanks to Jimmy seeing what was going on, he races up to where the kid is just in time and it takes the whole episode to talk the kid down.

I was impressed with Jimmy. This isn't the first time, either. He's just one of those characters who I am amazed what will do in certain situations and this was one of them. He didn't go up to Gibbs or anybody, but seeing someone in that situation, he just reacted and didn't totally know what to do once he got there, but he figured it out and thanks to the team trying to get to the bottom of what really happened with the accident, they were able to get the kid back in to safety. I think the guy just needed a heart to heart with someone and Jimmy is the perfect person to do that with.

Sure to Ryan, Jimmy seemed like everything was going good for him. He went to school and got a job in his field. Like Jimmy said, that hardly ever happens, though. But then he just went on to say that even though he's had good times, he let Ryan know that it was all hard work and you just got to stick with it and have a happy mind set instead of a negative one. Just because someone else's life seems perfect, doesn't mean that it really is. Like Jimmy said, they never talk or post about the negative stuff, they always rejoice in the happy moments. Which is true and something that is a good reminder now and then.

So yeah, the episode was mainly Jimmy flashbacks and then the team trying to figure out why his dad died when he did. In a way, I guess I wish it would have been more then just an angry road rager, but that's actually all it was. The almost accident they had at the beginning resulted in the death. The guy in the SUV just didn't like being cut off that much and had road rage that bad, that he went and found their car and killed the guy! Seems a little out there to me, but I guess someone could be that angry and just kill someone for really no reason at all. Glad Gibbs caught the guy and put him in jail.

Thanks to them finding that out, that was probably the major key into getting Ryan and Jimmy off that ledge. Little did Jimmy know that they were listening in on the whole conversation. So, all those intimate notes he added on Gibbs, Jimmy actually passing the Dr. test (yes, he's now a Dr, how cool is that) and not wanting anyone to know (well, they do now!) and all the rest, they all know what was going on and Jimmy got one of those coveted hugs from Gibbs at the end. How cute was it to learn that Jimmy actually worries about Gibbs? Gibbs is a perfect example of a life not going well at all and him moving on and making the most out of lie. 

Ok, as you can tell, I loved this episode. It was exciting, featured my favorite character and even though the bad guy kind of was not a normal bad guy at the end, it was still exciting and I've missed these type of episodes. They need to do these more often.