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NCIS: LA "Under Siege" Episode Recap

Who's the mole? After almost 2 seasons, we finally find out who is behind all this mess!

Here goes Hetty again. This is literally becoming a recurring theme with her. She threatens to quit every season. Whoever gets those letters should know by now that Hetty isn't actually serious. This time, she did it to lure out the real mole and what a nice trap it was.

Though it put her whole team in danger, we finally learned who indeed was/is behind all of this. The CIA! But not just the CIA. The 3 guys who were seeking revenge. Though it wasn't quite the betrayal I was hoping for with Nell being the mole, I do love a good revenge plot.

Sabtino is among those who want revenge. Why? Because he was apart of the team that NCIS attacked while they were in the middle of a mission in the middle east! Hetty was warned to stay out of that region, but she didn't listen. I knew that Sabtino was bad the minute I met him. There was just something off with him. Especially the last time he worked with Kensi. Glad he was finally explained.

Still no word on how Granger is doing. If he's alive or if they killed him off since sadly, the actor who played him is dead. :( But someone else dies. The detective who was after Deeks was shot by Carl after the building exploded that Hetty set a trap for everybody. Not sure if she's gonna make it, but Deeks made sure to tell her the truth. That her suspicions were right on Deeks all along, but he told her more. That the cop he shot was dirty and that's why Deeks did what he did. Another reason to love Deeks even more.

Hetty with the building and getting Carl out of jail, for just a split second, I thought she was the mole. But nope, this was all a trap to lure out the true mole. Hetty was also behind her whole team getting arrested. She wanted to try to keep them safe no matter what. Hetty had so many plans up her sleeves, it was awesome to see her in action again. You think she got caught, but I knew her picking up that blanket meant something was coming to the baddies on the other side of that cage. 

Thank goodness all the team members got out of jail. But I'm sorry, there's nothing more awesome and funny then seeing Deeks turn big, tough guys into softy's. It was hilarious! But yay, for all Callen, Deeks and Sam getting out of jail. Sam got out the right way by letting them know what was going on. Callen got out not the right way at all. He escaped. Not the best idea, but what else could he do? Deeks finally agreed to tell the detective what really happened after he learned that Kensi had gotten kidnapped.

Yep, the last mole in the puzzle kidnapped Kensi and his revenge was a little more personal. Which leaves us with another terrifying cliffhanger. Hopefully this time, we won't have to wait 2 weeks to find out if Kensi loses a leg or not. Literally. 

Sullivan, remember that awesome guy in therapy? Man, my suspicious radar was off when we first met him because nothing dinged. Like nothing. I liked him from the beginning. He helped Kensi in so many ways, but I guess that's the true mind of a psychopath. Which is what he sounds like he is. 

Sullivan is in the CIA and was apart of the team that Sabtino had back when they were all in the middle east together. He lied about how he truly lost his leg. Here comes the horrible truth and I could tell Kensi truly felt sorry for what happened. Kensi is the reason why Sullivan lost his leg! He wants pure revenge for what happened. So to put it in short terms, a leg for a leg. Let's just hope that the team find Kensi before it's too late!