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NCIS: New Orleans "Follow The Money" Episode Recap

Their new case ties into the cartel case that Tammy and the FBI have been working on.

I thought that this case was finally coming full circle. That they were finally one step ahead of Garcia, but that isn't the case at all. Garcia is always one step ahead of the cops (a mole perhaps?) and always has a plan b if something goes wrong.

The plan b this time hits home with Pride when he realizes the fiance is someone he has known for quite some time and has vowed to protect her no matter what. So, when she actually ended up dying, it was a hard hit for everybody. Seems like no one on any of the NCIS shows are safe right now.

Pride is like Gibbs in a lot of ways. The main one being is that when someone he loves gets killed or hurt, he'll stop at nothing until the bad guy is put in jail or worse. Garcia should know that messing with someone like that, he now knows he is not safe at all.

The FBI (except for Tammy) try their hardest to always stay away from NCIS. But no matter what they do, they always end up working together. I think they don't like each other because of Tammy's boss doesn't like Pride and the fact that Pride is stealing Tammy in a way. Tammy has realized how much she loves the kind of team Pride has and I just think that makes her boss jealous.

However, I am glad that they do get to work together. Hoping that this is a major win for both teams involved. But Pride has rubbed off a bit too much on Tammy and has started to show some of his rebellion. So much so that it sounded like at the end that Tammy was getting fired. Though Sebastian has the new spot on the team, I'm sure Pride will make room for Tammy as well.

Though Sonja was MIA during this episode with no mention of what she was doing either, it was, however, Sebastian's very first case! On a boat which apparently he gets seasick. I felt bad for Sebastian, though. His first time on the case and he almost lost a coworker just because he wasn't quite ready to kill someone yet. Poor guy was blaming himself that Tammy got hurt, but he just wasn't quite ready to be that in the field yet, but I'm sure he'll get there.

This episode, too, ended on a sad note. With the fiance dying in Pride's hands after realizing a little too late that she was a target for Garcia. Another thing for Garcia to clean up. He never leaves loose ends. But this will be bad for Garcia, one way or another.