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NCIS "Willoughby" Episode Recap

Setting up an operation to get one of the biggest bad guys off the streets goes from bad to worse.

This episode was so good! From the heist going on to the story to everything else in between. Well until that ending, but I'll save that for later. 

I would have liked to have known a little bit more about their plan. I felt like we heard about that Reeves was signing up for the case a few episodes back and that was it and all of the sudden, bam, we have a whole episode about it. 

However, I did feel like they did a good job at filling us in on what was going on. I would have just liked a 2 parter I guess or a work up to this. No doubt after that ending, that this isn't the last time we will be hearing about this case.

Ellie is all worried that Reeves has no one to put down for his emergency contact. Which is cute, but I totally didn't understand why she was getting all worked up about it. But I was surprised. Reeves seems like he gets along with people pretty well.

Their operation goes from bad to worse because they find out that they have a mole inside NCIS. I knew that from the beginning. I mean, how else would the bad guy have known to get off the plane right before it blew up? What I didn't expect it to be, was the lady in on the meetings of the case. Well, I'm glad it ended up not being Ellie's boyfriend like who I was thinking or Reeves for that matter.

Shouldn't bad guys know by now that you don't mess with any members of team Gibbs? No matter if you aren't really apart of the team or not? Gibbs is gonna fight to find this guy now that Ellie's boyfriend was shot and killed because of the info he had gleamed! I'm a little mad at NCIS right now that they killed him off literally right after we found out that they were dating. Can't Ellie have some peace in her life? I mean, from her divorce to now her boyfriend dying because of a case they were both working on, it just looks like she can't get a break with life right now.

So yeah, that's where it left off. Ellie handed Reeves the case file that her boyfriend was working on because she knows Reeves would get the job done no matter what. He, sadly, doesn't have anything tying him down right now. But believe me, Gibbs won't be just sitting around doing nothing after one of his family members got hurt.