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Scorpion "Faux Money Maux Problems" Episode Recap

The team gets kidnapped by some really bad people who want the team to make money for them.

You know once Veronica is involved in the case, things will get interesting. At least Paige wasn't too terrible this episode, but her attitude is starting to annoy me a little. Ok, with her mom, I get it. Her mom doesn't seem like someone who can be trusted, like at all, but with Walter, I just want her to move on from Tim already.

Ok, it's only been 2 episodes, so I should give it some time, but still. In a way, I do like Paige's new plan with Walter. Though not sure how long that will last. I mean, she does have this job for a reason and if she just let's Walter flounder until he realizes that he can't do stuff like that anymore, then why does she even have this job to begin with? Humans make mistakes. Period.

Ok, rant over, let's talk about this awesome episode! Though Veronica did things not so great in some of the episode, what she did actually did help them get out of their situation. I can see where she didn't want to tell Paige that she was going to fake a heart attack because that would blow the whole thing and I'm glad to know that whole outburst about Paige's team was just to make Paige all worked up because some of the things Veronica was saying was totally uncalled for.

The poor team gets taken to what they think is the worst place to Gallo. A place where he dreaded they would end up and as it turns out, that's the place where they were lead to believe they were taken there. When in reality, they were still in the US this whole time. Why fake something like that?

Because the lady that kidnapped them wanted to hide the fake money in with the real money and make people afraid of spending the real money once they realized that some of the money was actually fake. It would have been a good plan if she didn't get Scorpion involved. I mean, they don't work for the government just because. They work for them because they get to the bottom of things even in a tight situation.

It was so cute that Happy and Toby got to spend some time together while they were planning their wedding. I can't picture Happy anywhere. A church, a venue or anything like that. Just doesn't seem like her thing. The fact that they both revealed they had no money made the answer very obvious and I'm surprised they didn't think about it, either. Why don't they just get married in the place they work at? I'm sure Paige can come up with some fancy decorating tips on how to spice it up for a wedding. 

Now we get to the part that set up for the end of the season storyline. Veronica has seemed mighty nervous lately and we weren't totally sure why. Well, we knew she was hiding from someone, but from who, she wouldn't say. Must be pretty bad people. The fact that she actually asked for Paige's help because now the people know that Veronica is there thanks to the news announcement from the case closing, must be something huge. Hopefully, they get out of all of this alive and Happy and Toby can have a wedding.