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Scorpion "The Hole Truth" Episode Recap

The team, minus Paige, go to Colton to try to help find a leak in the pipes while Paige helps her mother get the money she owes the people that are after her.

Poor Sylvester is having a much harder time in getting the votes for him becoming President. I hope that after this episode, he has realized something. Yes, those pictures of him in a magic outfit will always haunt him, but I believe if they put up a campaign video of what Sylvester has done with Scorpion, it'll swing a lot more votes.

Their new case is that they have to go to Colton to try to figure out where some leak is in the pipes guys are working on. To make matters worse, they find out that they are actually too late. That in fact there are tiny holes invisible to the naked eye that have been causing the leak for quite some time and now they have a bigger problem on their hand when a major sink hole erupts where the pipe used to be. Not to mention the silo that is there contains stuff that would poison half (if not all) of Southern California. 

Then there's Paige's new messed up plan on how to teach Walter about working with humans. I'm sorry, but someone needs to let Paige know to get over Tim and stop blaming Walter for what happened. That's really all that's going on.

It was nice to see Paige and Veronica actually get along for a change and Veronica was right, Paige does have a natural ability to con people. Not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing, but Paige does have something and gets Veronica her money back that she needed. Now they just have to dodge the people that are after her again and hoping no one else gets hurt in the process. 

Sink hole goes from bad to worse, but when does it ever not? Especially with Walter being in charge the way he is, according to Toby, Walter is gonna blow any second and I for one, would not like to be around that. Toby was smart, though, in thinking that Happy could be a "Paige" and it actually worked. Happy just politely knocked some sense into Walter and made him remember all the stuff Paige has taught him over the years. It made Walter actually say his feelings for once to get his plans across and it worked!

Everybody ended up out alive, or did they? At the last second, Veronica fell in to the sink hole! Here, I thought she was goner. I mean, she had 2 strikes against her. The hardening of the water to make it so that nothing leaked into the drinking water when the silo broke and the fall onto that hardening pile. How was I supposed to know that Paige thought of a brilliant plan to make it look like that actually happened? Yep, Paige did it again and saved her mom from the bad guys. Made it look like she had died, when in fact, she was alive and well all because they got those lovely tarps back again and strapped them below. It felt a little like Ocean's 11 to me. 

Though her mother does still have to go out on the run, she's safe now. Not to mention those closest to her, too. Now what I don't get is why didn't Gallo just arrest the guy right then and there? They knew he was bad and not to mention the fact that he is now trying to get money out of Paige. Didn't totally get that part, but at least Veronica didn't die. Well played Paige.