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Scorpion "Ice Ca-Cabes" Episode Recap

The team race against time to save Gallo after he is seriously hurt on the job.

I loved this episode. It really made me realize how much the team really loves Gallo. I mean, I kind of figured that before already, but this episode proves how important he is to the team. What with Walter saying at the beginning how everybody can be replaced, but they can't be. There's only one Gallo.

Ok, I get that Paige is mad about the whole Tim thing, but still, it was her idea to let Tim go. Sure, she knew that with Walter and such, things would eventually not work out at all like she had hoped, but to pin it all on Walter is a bit out there, I think. Walter doesn't play well with others, but I'm not sure if Paige realizes that Tim and Walter were a lot a like to begin with. Same personalities tend to not work well together. 

Sure, it was Walter who never made Tim feel welcome, but Walter felt threatened. Not only did he fear that Tim would take over the team, but Tim was also taking the girl Walter loves. Walter has tried several times, but nothing ever works out for him with Paige. 

Paige also needs to realize that yes, Walter is a human, but he works differently. All humans make mistakes and make progress at their own rate. Someone in Paige's position should realize that by now. Walter has made so much progress since the first episode. One little thing with Tim made her think otherwise. This was a new situation for Walter. Maybe someone should have pulled him aside to let him know what was going on with Tim and then things might have been different, but they didn't. It was all a learning experience for Walter. I believe he has learned something.

Not only with that, but with Gallo. Walter is never good at communicating his feelings. Walter realized that in this episode. Paige rudely pointed that out. Paige is hurt. She did get a little on my nerves just because I think she's being overly sensitive about this whole thing. But whatever. I totally loved what Walter realized he had to say to Gallo. That and the fact that he told the EMTs that he was his son, was just so touching! I really wish Paige could have heard all that. Walter is making progress. But something like with him, just takes time.

All the team members were put in awkward positions in this episode. From Happy having to deal with blood (I'm with you on that one Happy!), to Sylvester having to catch a snake (man, that was scary!), to Walter and Paige having to go to a nudist hot springs in order to get the key ingredient to save Gallo. Not to mention the fact that Paige and Walter are not on the best terms right now, made that even more awkward. Never a dull moment with this team.

Though Happy always complained about Gallo as a roommate, I think she secretly enjoyed having him there. I think with him there, she finally got a father type figure in her life. Don't worry Happy, Gallo is still around and I'm sure he'll enjoy hanging out with you whenever you need him.