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Shadowhunters "This Guilty Blood" (Season Premiere) Episode Recap

The hunt for Jace is underway.

To Izzy, Alec and Clary, they know that Jace is innocent. He's not truly evil, but convincing everybody else that Jace is good, is easier said then done. 

Meet Victor. The new guy in charge of the case and someone who is going head on on trying to hunt down Jace. He wants him dead or alive. After talking to Clary about what happened in the season finale, Victor is convinced that Jace is bad and that he knew all along what Valentine's plans were. 

No one is seeing the fact that he actually saved all of them from a worse thing happening. Jace is fighting with himself on whether he is good or evil, but he is good. That's why Valentine is having a hard time training his son. No matter what he does, the good always comes out.

With Victor in charge, that means no downworlders in the Institute. So goodbye Simon and Luke. Who are pretty harmless when it comes to downorlders, but does Victor think like that? Nope, everybody is out unless otherwise approved by Victor. 

I can't believe how people are so easily turning on Jace. They've known him how long? Jace has never once showed signs of being bad up until this point. But like Alec said, they are all just trying to cover their butts now. 

It looks to me like they have finally added the rooftop garden. I missed that in the first season. Since that is where Jace and Clary really share their first kiss. Not in front of everybody after a mission in the main room. Hoping we get to see more of that.

Simon is probably my favorite still. In the movie and now even in the TV show, Simon always cracks me up. Still struggling with his feelings for Clary, though. He almost got it out when they were stuck in that shed due to Jocelyn locking them in there. But not quite yet for the true feelings to come out for Simon. 

This season seems like it's going to be different. A good different. The beginning introduction was an amazing touch. Not sure what else is different, yet, though the acting seems to have improved. It seems to me that the second season is off to a good start.