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MacGyver "Hook" Episode Recap

The team try to get back a bad guy that has been taken by a family of bounty hunters.

Will we ever find out what happened between Jack and Maddie? I hope we do one day, but as of right now, it seems to me that that story is going to stay a secret. But hopefully they have mended their relationship. All Maddie needed was an apology. Which seemed to work, for now. But again, I really hope we do get to the bottom of the mysterious story between them. Wonder what could have gone wrong? 

Love it that Bozer got to come along for the ride again. He was a character I didn't like at first, but now that he's apart of the team, I'm starting to like him way more and he's so much fun! I loved the bit where he and Riley were "newlyweds". Something that Riley obviously didn't agree with for their back up story, but still. Bozer is trying hard to get Riley to like him. Not sure if it'll ever happen, but it is fun watching those two.

At first, I didn't like the bounty hunter family. They were always getting in the way of what Mac and Jack needed to do and making Maddie even more upset with them that it took longer then it should have. But eventually, they warmed up to me and I was sad to see them go. 

I like Maddie. And so does the rest of the team. Except for Jack. But like I said, that apology or whatever they had between them seemed to work. Mac was afraid that if something didn't get fixed, that it was going to tear their family apart and he didn't want that at all. Maddie is a tough boss and I still don't totally agree with how she's wanting to put a lid on Mac's skills. I mean, they hired him for a reason, let him do what he does best.

In the end, everything works out like it normally does. I am kind of surprised that we haven't seen Nikki recently, but maybe they are saving that for another time. They got the bad guy and not to mention the whole team they have been tracking for quite some time. Though it took a while and was complicated, they had a major win.