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NCIS: LA "Payback" Episode Recap

Kensi is held captive by the mole.

Will the team reach her in time? We can only hope so. But they make it quite difficult. I am glad, though, that it wasn't done in the first 5 minutes of the episode. Like the guy had back up plans in place that they didn't even know of.

Yes, I am still a little bummed that it didn't end up being my suspicion, but at the same time, in this episode, we learned so much from the real mole and how crazy he really was, that it actually made up for it. He wanted Kensi to choose him over Deeks. He had this whole life planned for them. Not mention a house. Which is way creepy in itself. This guy is sick and needs help.

I love how Deeks acted in this episode. He was so worried for her and I do agree that he was out of line several times. But I loved his take charge attitude. I was half expecting it to end with Deeks proposing. But I guess now isn't a good time for that yet.

Granger is surprisingly still alive and well. I wonder what they are going to do with his story line? Are they really going to kill him off or just have him quietly retire? I do like AJ. Hetty called the admiral in for back up with their home base during this hard time. He seems fun. I wouldn't mind it if he replace Granger. 

The minute we met up with Joelle, I found her story just out of place. Why would Sullivan kidnap someone who hasn't even been in Callen's life this whole time? I mean, how did he even know about her? She also seemed pretty calm for having just been kidnapped and rescued. Hetty picked up on those clues right away too and put the pieces together. I did at the very beginning. That Joelle is also working as a mole! So, even though it ended up not having to do with Nell at all, I'm glad that they threw someone close to the team in the mix. The look on Callen's face when he found out what had happened was heartbreaking. I would have never suspected Joelle. She "hated" all this police stuff when she found out the truth. However, she probably knew all along who Callen really was. There's the betrayal I was looking for!

Sabtino is and always will be bad. I don't care what he says. He is so not on their side. It was made especially clear when he somehow got out of those cuffs and ran away while they were finally in the right place to get Kensi back. Since he's on the run, does it mean that something else is still in play or will he just stay hidden? I love a good mole story, but they need something else now.

That moment between Deeks and Kensi is in my top 5 favorite moments of them now. They were so happy to see each other. I am glad that they got to her before something bad happened. That and Kensi tried hard to fight her way out of the situation, but she didn't know that Sullivan had back up, either. 

I didn't understand the cutting of the table by Callen? I'm wondering if Joelle gave that to him or was he just doing it because they had so many happy memories there? Hetty did end up offering AJ a job and he said those dreaded words "I'll think about it". Ugh, why couldn't he have just said yes or no? I wanna know now, but I guess I can't yet.