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NCIS "A Many Splendored Thing" Episode Recap

Ellie seeks revenge for what happened to Qasim. 

They catch a new case. One that is an apparent suicide, but things don't add up. That's when they start digging and 2 separate cases become one.

Like all episodes, we start off in the office with everybody getting to work and talking some sort of topic. This episode's topic: how to pick pocket. Some people are good and others not so good. Nick was trying to teach them out to do it. Quinn picked up pretty fast while Ellie did an awful job at it. Or was that all just a trick of her plan?

Ellie is not fully involved in the case. Instead, her mind is on Qasim and getting revenge. No matter how many people try to talk her down, she has a one track mind and that's not a good thing. I'm surprised Gibbs didn't have a heart to heart with her or maybe he knew so much of what she was going through that perhaps he knew it didn't matter what he said? Still, I'm just a little surprised that Ellie did what she did.

Loved seeing the Qasim flashbacks of the many (104 dates) that we sadly didn't see the first time. However, it made his death even more sad then it already was. Yeah, don't know how that's possible, but they did that. Mainly because Ellie had gotten to the point of wanting to start a new life with him! Who knew they had gotten that serious and he decide to pop the question! Though it took some time for her to come around, he never did actually find out what her answer was though. Might have been partly why she is having a hard time with this. Btw, she eventually sad yes, but a little too late.

It was interesting that both their cases ended up coming together at the end. I actually didn't see that coming, but it was nice. Though Clayton and Ellie got in major trouble for doing something "off the books" sort to speak, what they knew and what the team was working on, actually helped catch some bad guys.

Still not too sure about Vance and Jenna though. I mean, it's nice to see Vance dating again, but I just don't know about Jenna. Maybe it's the fact that she kept a major thing from them. The fact being that Chen is working for the CIA! How in the world would the CIA be comfortable with working with a baddie like that? I mean, how could they even trust him to do the right thing? I don't blame Gibbs for being mad about that one and for finding out about Vance and Jenna's personal life in the process. So not a good time for that.

In the end Chen was actually blackmailing the lady who committed suicide into doing something that she refused to do. I.E. that's why she killed herself. To protect her daughter. Ellie went rogue. She wanted revenge that bad. She had made a call to Chen's team saying that he was a rat and where to find him. Instead of wanting to get caught by his team and who knows what they would have done to him, Ellie gives him a way out, sort to speak. The very virus he was planting in electrical grids to wipe out the electricity. He choose option B. What's Ellie gonna have to expect now that she took that path? It took a while for Gibbs' Karma is I guess what you would call it, to come around and so it might do the same for Ellie, but you never know.