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Scorpion "Keep It In Check, Mate" Episode Recap

Walter and Sly go head to head in a chess tournament in order to save a US spy.

Ok, not the best episode. I did love the episode, I just miss their more thrilling cases. However, it was nice to see more history between Walter and Sly and to see Paige do some work for the team. Ok, not that she doesn't do work for the team, but she had a major part in getting the kidnapped spy out to safety.

I like it when they change up the teams once in a while. Instead of the norm like Walter and Paige working together, it ended up being Sly and Walter going head to head in a chess game which isn't great for their friendship. Who knew that's why they didn't play this game anymore. Because Walter always needs to win and that need feeds sometimes into cheating and using Sly's fears against him.

Kind of figured Walter was the one who always needed to be in charge and who always wanted to win. I mean, I think that's why he's the boss. He's not a bad one, but at the same time he isn't a great one either. But I was kind of surprised that Sly was the same way. Or maybe he just didn't like losing unfairly.

But their history with chess got between them once again and they were both kicked out of the tournament to save Natalya before it was too late. Natalya is a top notch chess player. Someone who is also a spy for the US since she can go into certain places normal people can't. She makes a good asset, but it also makes it very dangerous for her, too. That's where Scorpion comes in. Some bad people got their hands on a list and they are almost to cracking Natalya's name and once that happens, Natalya will no longer be.

So Happy ended up staying home and being the eyes and ears there for the team while she was trying to work out a personal problem with her father. I felt bad for Happy because at the least Gallo could have warned her before hand about what he was planning on doing with Patrick. Then again, maybe Gallo thought better of it and thought springing it on them would be the better choice. Gallo wants to use Patrick's old connections to a crime gain he was in order to catch the big man in charge. Patrick will do jail time because of it and Happy isn't well...happy. 

I'm glad that Patrick didn't end up going through with Happy's plan of breaking him out of jail. That he'll do his time and he knew he needed to do it. I can see where Happy is coming from, though, too. She doesn't want her father in jail. She's losing someone else she loves and she wanted so badly for him to walk her down the aisle. However, if they ask Gallo I'm sure he will accept. It was nice to see Gallo felt awful for what he was doing. Glad to know that Happy isn't totally upset with Gallo. It was so cute to see their friendship budding more in the beginning.

I liked how Paige was involved more and it seems like she's gotten back to more of her being the voice of Scorpion and coaching them instead of just throwing them out in the deep end and see how it works. It's better this way and makes the terrible situations they get into not too terrible when they have that voice there helping them. Paige got to be a vital part though in the escape plan and loved she was involved more instead of just doing what she does best.

It's also Valentine's Day. It was so totally cute seeing Ralph going to the guys asking them for girl advice when he gets asked out to the dance, not once, but twice! However, this rubs wrong for Paige. She wants to be the one to help him out with this stuff. I mean, asking a bunch of genius for love advice isn't really their forte, but this again shows how much Walter has grown too. What he said to Ralph was so sweet to make him realize what this was doing to Paige. Paige was thrilled to teach her son to dance. I hope we find out how the dance went and who he decided to go with.