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Scorpion "Sharknerdo" Episode Recap

The team go to the middle of the ocean to seek out buried treasure.

I couldn't wait to see this episode. Would something finally be resolved with the whole Waige dilemma? In a way, yes, I think it was and I couldn't be more happy about it. I mean, when two people are stranded in the middle of the ocean, there's not much else to talk about then clear the air between them.

But I'm getting ahead of myself. Let me explain what's going on. Walter gets a new job for the team for helping someone find buried treasure. Since they are genius', this lady thought that they would be the best to help track down where a ship with money went down and thinking they would get a pretty big paycheck afterward, they were more then willing to help. Not that they ever do it for the money, but I think that was a big help.

Walter's list of enemies keeps growing. He's getting more out of control. Of course, Toby did say that in last weeks episode. That he's gotten worse, not better, with Paige's new theory and Paige's attitude annoyed me the whole time in this episode. No matter what Walter did, she found something to be wrong in it or the fact that he needs to always be right. Let's just face it, Paige is still mad about the whole Tim thing and she needs to let it go already.

Which I think she finally did. But again, I'm jumping ahead a bit. So poor Toby thought that they were going to be full on pirate hunters, but he was completely bored the whole time. I felt kind of bad for him. I never thought of hunting for treasure to be quite like it was. I was more then annoyed with the captain of the ship when she wasn't ok with with the team going off to find the rest of their team. Yes, I get that it was money and she didn't want to lose the spot, but still. People are more important then money. 

I knew that Sylvester was going to win votes if he was just himself and showed what he did for Team Scorpion. I thought he had blown that interview that Ally was so sweet to get for him. Ally really is a sweet lady. Glad she and Gallo are getting a chance to do something. But the interview actually did go well because of Patty actually seeing how Sylvester really is. That he really cares for the people more then anything else.

Ok, not only are Walter and Paige stranded in the middle of the ocean, but to make matters worse, they are stranded where the Germans test out shark habitats! Ok, some of these scenes weren't totally "realistic", but it was still pretty exciting. Before the sharks came, I'm glad that Walter told Paige how he felt. Though it was hard for him, I'm sure. He isn't good at spilling secrets like that. He said that he thought Paige was abandoning him and not doing what they hired her for. Which is exactly what I said a few episodes back. I think Paige finally heard what she needed to hear and realize what she has been doing.

Who else loved the fact the Walter felt like he had to put his life on the line to save Paige? Again. I mean, this isn't the first time he's done that. Sure, he does it for his other friends, but he does it more when it involves Paige's life, too. But then she had to go and do the worst thing ever. Pull the friend card! Ugh, I hate it when a couple I want to get together pulls that card! So annoying! It was nice that she admitted that she was mad about the whole Tim thing, but I don't think that was an apology. I think she's still mad at Walter because she won't accept that there's actually something between them. 

I did like the fact that Walter was kind of "taking Paige off the hook" is how I felt like he was doing by saying that he realized that Paige cared enough for him to try another approach to help him improve. It was sweet that he did take a step back and see it differently and that made Paige step up and actually get involved with him again.

Happy with Toby was so incredibly sweet! Happy realized that Toby loves the thrill of the hunt and she's now afraid that after they get married the "chase" of getting Happy will be over and Happy will loose Toby. Toby said the sweetest thing to her that just made my heart melt for them. I can't wait for them to get married already and see that side of their relationship!