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Bull "Free Fall" Episode Recap

Bull takes a new case where a governor is killed while skydiving.

This isn't just any case. Remember Liberty? Well, she's back and on the opposite side! That's right, Bull goes head to head with Liberty and it was quite fun to watch.

Bull always has his reasoning for choosing a side. I knew he had to have known that something else was going on in the skydiving place. A place pretty much known for their perfect safety record wouldn't end up killing 2 guys randomly. That's why Bull picks up the case. To save the company that's going under because of the attack and Bull always gets to the bottom of things anyways, so he does find the killer.

I spotted the killer the minute we met him. Even though that happened, it was still a fun case to watch. Mainly because I could tell Liberty was uncomfortable with the person who trained her on the opposite side of her. She must have figured that Bull had other motives going. Liberty isn't stupid and knows some of what Bull wanted to do anyways. But she wasn't afraid of attacking him either.

Turns out that Danny and her younger man did in fact break up and she has her eyes on a new guy. But could she have blown it when she broke his trust on getting info leaked that he shouldn't have given her? It actually doesn't sound like that at all. In fact, it helped Danny get the guts and ask the guy out herself. 

Poor Benny. Getting investigated all because it sounds like someone he put away many years ago, could in fact be good. That must be an awful feeling. Knowing you put away the wrong person. I miss seeing Benny on his game and back in action though. I think he needs to tell Bull. I'm sure Bull probably already thinks something is going on. But still, Benny needs help and Bull is just that person to help him.

Though I actually ended up being right about who was the true killer (Max, the brother - because the governor was going to take their skydiving company away and Walter blamed Max for it happening and wanted revenge on the governor), it was still a fun case to watch. Bull's team got to go skydiving, minus him. Hey, I probably wouldn't be able to jump out the plane either. At the end, though, Bull decided to give it a shot anyways. I was half expecting Dillion to get over her fear/sadness and join him, but she didn't. 


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