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MacGyver "Ruler" Episode Recap

Bozer gets his very first mission!

Ever since Bozer became a spy, he always thought his work was going to be more exciting. Not stuck in a science lab all day working on masks. So, he thinks his ship has finally come in when Matty thinks an assignment is safe enough for Bozer to go on.

I knew the minute Matty said that she thought it wasn't something that could be messed up, that something was going to go way wrong and it did. Not only is Mac worried for his friend in the field for the first time, their mission isn't as easy as they thought it was going to be.

It was awesome to finally see Bozer in the field. Not that we haven't seen him in it previously, but still, I've grown quite fond of his character. Poor guy though, doesn't realize what true field work is. It's not like the movies, but when you have someone like Mac who's got your back, you should be pretty good.

Well, until they are disbanded in Dutch territory. Their mission does go smoothly, but that is until the subject they are watching, gets an unexpected bomb package that she has to deposit and somehow the people behind this knew Mac would be there to try to stop it because it's way complicated.

Though it was pretty obvious who was behind it, it was still a fun ride seeing Bozer react to his first case. He thought he could swoop in and safe the day, but what he didn't realize is all that goes into actually making that happen and what makes matters worse is when they lose their back up system.

I was pretty upset with Matty for dropping her team like she did. However, I was secretly hoping she was working on a plan B and thank goodness she was. We haven't had Matty for too many episodes yet, but I can tell that she's the type of boss that wouldn't leave her team hanging.

Before they realize that Matty truly didn't hang them out to dry, the news of them being hung out to dry hit hard on some of the team members. Mainly Bozer. He couldn't believe that this would happen. Poor guy. He's seriously missing the science lab at this point.

Bozer does end up saving the day or at the very least, being a distraction. Though it was probably very stupid, but in the end it actually worked to their advantaged. They got their name cleared and were able to go home safe and sound.

Thornton was in fact behind this. For a split second, I had feared that she had somehow managed to escape jail. But not to worry, she's still safely behind bars. She had set this up way before she got arrested. Not sure what her intentions were with it. Maybe make it so she never got caught or that she'd get revenge on the people who did catch her. Either way, it didn't work out for her at all. Probably just made matters worse.