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NCIS: LA "Old Tricks" Episode Recap

The team investigate after a retirement home resident is kidnapped.

Though the case was kind of silly and random, I actually found myself enjoying it quite a lot. I normally don't like these type of cases, but this just fit right. Maybe it's because it was a nice breather from their heavy mole case. It was nice to see them do something "light" if there ever is anything such as light in their line of work.

Two amazing things happened in this episode. First off, Kensi is officially back to work! Second thing, Nate is back! Eric is right, we don't see him enough and he is greatly missed. At least by me he is. But then again, it seems to be that he's greatly missed by all the members of the LA team.

I knew that Eric had to be seeing Nate. Well, not right away, but the way he reacted when Nate walked into Ops, it was pretty obvious. They have had a tough year and that can't just be swept under the rug. I'm sure that's why Nate is staying right now. It seems like the whole team can use his expertise. 

Callen is off doing something off the books. His father is in town and that can't be a good thing. I love it that even though he's not really an involved father, he tries to be by protecting Alex, Callen's half sister from her supposed bad husband who has just gotten out of jail and is already back on the streets selling drugs. But is that what it truly is? People do deserve a 2nd chance. The LAPD thought so to when they decided to turn Pacey into a CI. 

This little reunion jumped started the no secrets between their family at all anymore. Which finally gave them the guts to tell Alex who they really are. Seems to have gone over smoothly for now. Though this may not be exactly the kind of family Callen was hoping for, he has one and I for one am happy that he has one.

Oh, btw, the case involved a con artist old couple and someone who wanted the expensive coin all to themselves and that's why they kidnapped the guy. To try to find out where it was. But it wouldn't have worked anyways. He buried it when he buried his son.

Though this episode was light hearted and fun, it ended on a sad note. This was in fact Granger's last ever episode with NCIS: LA. It was actually fitting that Hetty read the goodbye note left from Granger. I'm so glad that they ended up not killing off his character. I think that would have been too sad. They did have him retire and he's off in the wind who knows where. I would love to hear what she decides to tell her team. But like Granger said "You'll think of something. You always do.". RIP Miguel, you'll be greatly missed.