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NCIS: New Orleans "End Of The Line" Episode Recap

One of Loretta's past cases gets reopened when a copycat appears.

I knew the minute we met Jack (the supposed killer), that he was innocent. After all these years and still claiming he didn't do it? I know he's crazy and not in his right mind, but still, someone after all those years would still not claim innocents. 

It just took the whole episode, once the team realized that perhaps this poor guy could possibly be getting framed, to figure out who actually killed those two ladies and in an awful way and who would be after Loretta too.

No Sonja again in the episode and I missed about 2 to 5 minutes of the beginning and so I'm not totally sure what Sebastien and Loretta were talking about before they got the call to go to the case. I'm guessing it had something to do with Loretta's ex-husband.

Chris is getting dating advice from Tammy whether he wants to admit it or not. But the lady does know what she's talking about. An app doesn't help you figure out if you have a connection. The look does. Chris got it and listened to Tammy, but I knew and now Tammy knows along with everybody else who the real perfect girl for Chris is: Sonja! Will it ever happen, though or is it gonna be a repeat of Tiva all over again? I sure hope not.

I'm glad that the team finally got on board figuring out that Jack was set up this whole time. Now Loretta has to deal with major guilt for forcing this innocent man behind bars for most of his life because she felt like she had get her form of revenge out for her ex and what he did to her.

Had no clue that Loretta's ex completely changed personalities once they got married. Poor lady. I love her even more now. It takes major guts to get out of a relationship like that one, so bravo to her for doing so. But she saw a lot of her ex in Jack and so that's why she felt like she's the one who put him behind bars because she felt like she was putting her husband behind bars. 

It ended up being the lawyer who was the true killer. Framing Jack all because of jealously. Yep. The lawyer liked Jack's girlfriend and Jack knew there was someone trying to hook up with his girl, too. But the lawyer took it too far when he ended up just killing the lady and then he was just covering his tracks by killing everybody else that was on the case as well.

I love it when Pride ends up trying to help Jack out and put him back out in the world. Jack tried so long to prove he didn't do it, that he had no clue what would happen after he actually did prove it. It looks like with Pride and Loretta's help, they will be the ones to put him on the right path.