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Scorpion "Don't Burst My Bubble" Episode Recap

Happy and the team try to save her new friend that's trapped in a sterile bubble after a severe storm hits her house.

These cases aren't bad, I just don't enjoy watching these type of cases. It was interesting and maybe I'd enjoy it more knowing that the girl is safe and sound, but I think I just feel too bad for Ada and her father. That Ada is literally stuck in a bubble for possibly the rest of her life until they find a cure for her. She can't go out of the bubble because she has no immune system. I just don't know why I don't enjoy them, I just don't.

This episode was a little sad all the way around now that I think about it. From Tim and Paige to calling it quits (who didn't see that coming? And yay, finally!), to Gallo ending things with Ally. Things were not going good for the team.

However, there were some plus sides to the story. Toby realizes that Happy hasn't given him a guest list to the wedding only because Happy doesn't in fact have friends. But this episode proved her wrong. That she can make friends. I think she just has a hard time getting to know someone and then is sad if they leave once they get to know her. Probably because of her adopting background since she's different. But Ada and Happy are basically the same, it seems like.

Happy met Ada through a chat room. For one brief minute, I feared that Toby's worry would come to pass. That whoever Happy was talking to is some psycho crazy killer luring Happy to her death. In a way, I'm kind of glad that didn't happen. 

Ada just stopped talking because her sterile safe room was about to pop because of a tree almost crashing in. Thanks to the team and their genius thinking, they were able to provide a safe place for Ada until her house got fixed. But poor girl, she does not like living like this. I mean, she is a teenager. It must be hard to sit in there and not be able to do stuff you wish you could do but knowing if you did do it, it would kill you.

I really hope that we find out if Walter's app thing works. That they do in fact find someone that matches Ada so that she can live a normal life and get back out into the world. I really hope that they don't leave that story without telling us how it will end.

The other thing that was sad that I forgot to mention, is that it's Sly's election night! I thought things were going well with his campaign. He seemed to be doing great at the last outing. But then the evil opponent attacked Sly via one of his fears: germs. I believe that's why Sly lost and I feel so bad for him, but he's not gonna let that one little loss keep him from doing what he loves.

I already like Gallo, but I love him even more after this episode. I'm impressed that Gallo loves the team that much and considers them his kids, to know that if someone he was dating did something to hurt them, that that is the last straw. Though I did like Gallo and Ally together, I did like the fact that Gallo had to break up with her once he learned that she was the one who had posted the video. She did do it under her bosses orders, but still, she did it. She could have pretended to or something.

It was so cute that Walter has done "research" on how to act in certain situations. I think it's mainly to impress Paige and hopefully see that he is the guy for her. Though it was weird to see Walter act like he was, it is nice that he is doing this. But is it weird that I kind of miss the old Walter?