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Shadowhunters "By The Light Of Dawn" (Winter Finale) Recap

Clary and Jace face Valentine for the fight of the Downworlders.

The epic battle begins with Valentine taking Clary's best friend and now boyfriend: Simon. Bad move on his part. It's smart thinking though. He may not know his daughter that well, but he does know she'd do almost anything to save Simon. 

Even if that means coming to the institute to activate the sword to destroy Downworlders. Which is something they try to avoid, but it eventually happens no matter what they try. Valentine is tricky. I had forgotten how tricky he can be and I also forgot a couple surprises too. Guess it pays for not having read the book series in a while.

I'm still mad at this path Izzy has decided to go down. However, it looks like at the end of the episode, I'm hoping something kicked in and made her realize that she has to kick this habit. I'm glad she finally learned what was going on at the Institute to help. I almost wonder if that's why Raphael left his phone behind because I felt like that was an odd thing to do. Plus, I don't like Raphael and Izzy. Like at all. I want Simon and Izzy. Will we get that? Please?

At first, I didn't like Victor. I still don't. He is the reason why Izzy is where she is, but he truly looks sorry for putting her on that addiction. But I have warmed up to him a little more after this episode. We learned more about his past and it makes more sense as to who he is today. He fell in love with a Downworlder. Something happened to make her go insane and then she ended up attacking him and he ended up having to kill her to save himself.

I loved the whole switch-o-roo thing they pulled to get into the Institute. It wasn't Clary who came in, which I thought was stupid and against their whole point of having Clary not activate the sword to begin with, it was Jace! The look on Simon's face when he realized it was Jace and not Clary was too priceless. I had forgotten that part. Ok, I know more then what I should say, so I won't say more then this because it'll give more of the cliffhanger away. 

So well done Shadowhunters for finding a sneaky way into the Institute. It worked. Well, except for one small thing. Another big truth bomb happened. Jace isn't the one with the demon blood since he didn't destroy the sword when he touched it. He actually activated it! Valentine's many back up plans are already in motion. Hopefully they will get more answers out of Valentine since they have him now, but not sure how much they will.

The biggest truth bomb happened, though. One I've been waiting for since season 1 and the reason why my favorite couple hasn't gotten together since season 1. Valentine let the truth out that Clary and Jace are not related! I wanted to jump for joy! Which means I kind of have my sneaking suspicions on who actually has the sword at this point, but again, for those who haven't read the books, I won't say who.

But telling Clary is going to have to wait. Since we had one brief happy moment. Yes, it was between Simon and Clary. Who I don't totally hate, but I still love Jace and Clary more. Simon is so thrilled about going out in the sun, that he tells Clary. Jace sees the whole scene and just stands in the doorway glaring at them. Poor guy.

So, this is what the cliffhanger is: Someone mysteriously walking down the road. Simon can now go in the sun but we aren't sure why. Jace knows now that he isn't the demon son and that he can be with the girl of his dreams, but when will he actually get to tell her? Hopefully soon.