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Suits "Character and Fitness" (Season Finale) Episode Recap

The fight to get Mike on the bar continues.

I love watching this show, but don't they ever get tired of not doing the right thing? I know Mike can't be a lawyer the right way, but committing another crime in order to get Mike on the bar just doesn't seem right to me and I have a funny feeling it's going to come and bit them in the butt. Everything else has so why shouldn't this?

I actually wasn't sure on how the case was going to get solved. It could have really gone either way. But I think it was due to one big person making a guest appearance at the end. Jessica! Jessica still loves her team that much to help them out of a sticky situation because she knew Mike wasn't going to throw Harvey under the bus just to get on the bar.

Ok, let me back it up a bit. Anita is back and is seeking revenge. Mainly fulfilling her promise of if Mike ever went to try to get on the bar, she'd be there to stop him. Try as they might, they never did find anything on how Anita actually got onto the committee in the first place. Well, that is until it was too late. That compassion story hit at home, but miss Jessica might have twisted the truth just a tiny bit. That person wasn't a girl, it was a boy, the godson of Walter who was actually on the committee and pulled out last second. Harvey was right. Someone can never be that clean. 

I can sense major growth for Donna's character coming next season. The fact that she finally admitted that she wants more out of life is a huge thing. I just hope that doesn't mean she will stop working for Harvey. Then again, I'm torn on that, because I mean, I want Harvey and Donna to get together, so maybe this could be their opening. Donna doesn't want to be with Harvey that way until they aren't working for each other.

All these wins happening and poor Louis gets the worst of the worst. I knew that things were going to end with him and Tara after how she reacted when she found out what Louis has done. Sure Louis doesn't do things the right way, but he doesn't totally get the respect he deserves anyways. Still, to break up with someone over voice mail is pretty harsh. To be honest, I kind of suspected their relationship was doomed from the beginning. Louis may not be legit in some areas of life, but Tara was no cake walk either. Will Louis ever find the one?

Though Mike hates telling his new boss what's really going on, he knows he must. He even knew that before Oliver gave him the ultimatum. I'm glad Mike himself told the truth. Even though it cost him his job, he has a way better one coming in the future.

That's right! Meet the newest member of the bar: Mike Ross! Jessica coming in to the save the day was literally the best part of the episode and helped Mike's case a lot. I think it actually pretty much sealed the deal on that one. Now it's time for the firm to get back on it's A game. Mike getting Harvey's office and Harvey taking Jessica's. It's time that this duo got back together.