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Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. "What If" Episode Recap

It's a magical place. Aw, the return of Tahiti. 

Framework is really a beautiful place but there's more to it then meets the eye. Hydra is in charge, but no one seems to be thrilled about it. Well, just the people who work in Hydra. Well, most of them that is. There are still some that seem to be ok and to be trusted. I think. It is the framework after all, who really knows who can be trusted or not?

The people seem to be super scared of Hydra. Someone who's turned people against inhumans. They've made it safe, sort of. If you are inhuman, then you are basically dead. Shield seems to be the forbidden place, too. I don't get why go through all this trouble to create this world? The book really messes with you I guess.

So, Simmons is alive, but was dead. She was murdered by Hydra and they kept it quiet. Why she was, we don't know. I think it's because Fitz wouldn't do what he was told and this way he does because Daisy said it. They took the best thing from Fitz, Simmons. 

The one good thing about the framework? Yes, I say good loosely. Is the fact that Grant Ward is back and we finally get to have Skye and Ward after all these years! Even though he played a creepy bad guy in the real world, it looks to me that he could possibly be trusted. He leads something called the resistances. Not totally sure what that is, but if it's anything like what was in Star Wars, I'm guessing that's a good thing. Then again, it is Grant and he may be a triple agent, but part of me just doesn't believe that he could be good. Is it bad that I'm secretly happy that we kind of got Grant and Daisy for a second?

Getting people to remember what really has happened is going to be a lot harder then we thought. Daisy has to figure out who she is in this world without blowing her cover. But that didn't last too long and hopefully with what happened, she can be herself. But it's not just going up to someone and saying "Hey, this isn't real! Wake up!". 

Aida and Fitz are a thing? Aida is the true person in charge of Hydra. Makes sense. She knows that Daisy and Jemma are in there trying to destroy what's going on. It sounds to me like Fitz might know more then what he first said to Daisy too. Which again, makes me wonder if Jemma was killed to keep Fitz quiet or something like that. The more I think about it, the less I'm surprised as to thinking that Aida and Fitz are an item. Makes sense in a weird way. 

In a way, I'm kind of glad it looks like Phil is the first person they finally got to. It took the whole episode and both of them to actually get the job done, but at the end he said what I've been hoping for "Daisy?". I think the minute Jemma said "Tahiti, it's a magical place", that must have been like a code word or something for Phil that woke up something inside him. Gotta love Tahiti.