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Bull "Bring It On" Episode Recap

Bull helps a very popular attorney win a murder case. 

Meet Jules Cafferey. Someone Bull didn't even know he was representing until he heard it live on TV. Bull didn't take that very lightly. He was quite upset about it. At first, I was wondering if Jules had done it. Mainly because at first glance, it looks like the fiance had an affair. Let's face it, that normally doesn't settle too well with anyone for that matter. The minute Bull said that Jules didn't do it, I knew something else had to be going on here.

I was thinking it might have been one of the dancers on the team. Because let's face it, that look that Lauren got when she hugged the dance teacher, was pure jealously. Only to find out later that was just a misunderstanding. There was way more to Lauren then we originally thought.

From the first time Bull met Jules, they didn't get along. So it was an interesting case from start to finish. Not that his cases are never boring, but this one certainly was a win episode for me. Jules wanted to do his own thing. Even though he is the one who actually hired Bull in the first place, Jules never took Bulls words to heart. Jules did somethings that actually did help the case and other things that hurt it but in the end, it worked out in their favor after all.

Poor Cable, I thought it was strange that Wes giving Cable gifts. Not saying that guys can't do nice things and not be guilty, but since Wes normally didn't do that, something was up. Is it bad that I was happy that it was just actually gaming and not anything worse? I was thinking that Cable was gonna walk in on something awful, I think she too was relieved that it was just gaming.

I don't know if Bull is ever going to be on the losing side of a case, but this one, I was actually surprised that Jules got off. I'm glad he did, because towards the end, especially after interviewing his ex wives and what really was going on with them, I knew something else had to be going on here. It wasn't Jules "abusive" behavior if there ever was such a thing, it was the fact that Lauren wasn't who she said she was!

Lauren had about 5 different names. Her real one being Regina. Her brother is the one who actually ended up killing her. He was the guy that was working on the renovations in the house. I'm thinking they both had a con game going. Lauren would get the rich men and I'm thinking they'd end up killing the guys and getting all the money or robing them or something to that extent. Lauren ended up falling for Jules, not just for the job and probably wanted out and her brother didn't want that. This is all just a guess, though. They didn't totally say why her brother killed the sister. 

Nothing new on what's going on with Benny and the old case of his. Hoping he'll eventually tell Bull. Bull needs to know. I'm surprised Bull hasn't found out by now. But he needs to know. Sooner would be better then later.