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MacGyver "Cigar Cutter" (Season Finale) Episode Recap

Whatever happened in Cairo? We finally get to learn why in the season finale and I can see why they never ever want to mention it again.

So, it looks like Mac and Jack are in a museum looking for a bomb. They eventually find it, but a little too late when the bad guys come knocking. Mac's brilliant plan? To set the bomb off. We aren't totally sure what happened after that, but I have a pretty good guess as to know that it wasn't pretty. Mac ended up doing exactly what the bad guys wanted. 

Back to the present day. Celebrating the fact that they somehow survived Cairo. Jack has a superstition that he never works on that day and I can see why. Then again, I'm not a true believer in the whole good luck/bad luck situation so what happened in the episode would have happened either way even if it wasn't on Cairo day. 

So, while they are trying to celebrate, Maddie calls Mac into work. Trying to figure out what the bad guy meant by "I wanted to be caught". Well, he wanted to be caught because it was all apart of Murdoch's bigger plan here. He supposedly has a list on people he wants to kill and everybody in Phoenix Foundation is on it. I guess the higher you are up on the list, the worse you'll die. He just gets creepier by the second, doesn't he? Trust me, it gets worse, if that's possible.

Ok, the minute we met the new Dr. I had a bad feeling about him. Like something was off and that he wasn't to be trusted. It came as no surprise a minute later when he pulled a knife on Bozer in the lab. Of course, it was nice that my suspicions were confirmed. Sometimes, they are wrong.

Why would Milton be in there killing people? Well, his real name is Jason who was just in the same prison as Murdoch! Yep, it's all coming full circle now. Murdoch put a hit out on Phoenix and since he couldn't do it himself, he is paying someone else big bucks to do it. Where Murdoch is getting this money, I have no clue.

So, Bozer gets stabbed and Maddie "Threatens" him to stay alive. I love the humor in the episode. It was much needed since it was so intense. They were in fact after the bioweapon Mac had gotten like back in the beginning of the show. They wanted it back. Because of where it was being kept, Mac had to pull a Cairo again to keep the thing safe. 

Everybody that was important, got out safe and sound. Bozer is gonna live and hopefully start something with Riley? Still not too sure about that couple. I think it's more fun just watching each other tease about it and not sure if I actually want it or not. I may feel differently if it ever does amount to something. Bozer was so funny. He almost died and all he could think about is that he and Riley had a small moment because they held hands! Speaking of Riley, how is she gonna deal with her first killing? Sure, she had to kill to stay alive, but still, that isn't something to just sweep under the rug. I did like the fact that she did put it aside enough to go to work, let's just hope it doesn't stay aside too long before something bad comes out of it.

Mac has hidden the bioweapon safely in the frozen north and is going on a search for his dad (who I'm secretly hoping is the original MacGyver himself). Bozer is healing in the hospital with Riley by his side. Maddie is trying to fix the mess that is her work place and now the lovely cliffhanger. Murdoch has escaped prison and I'm sure there is one thing and one thing only on his mind: kill Maddie.