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NCIS "A Bowl Of Cherries" Episode Recap

The team's computer is hacked which leads to a serial killer.

I'm so glad that Clayton has decided to stay. If he needs someone to treat him like family, then Gibbs' team is the perfect place for that. Gibbs always chooses these kind of team members and I think it's actually kind of cute. I can't wait to see what storyline they have for Clayton. 

Poor Quinn. I knew something else was going on with her and her mom but I just didn't know what it was. Once I found out that her mom has Alzheimer's it all made sense. Quinn has known, and so has the mom, but they just both didn't want to admit it. They finally had to. But Quinn always panicky around her mom makes so much sense now. I feel bad for Quinn.

As for the whole Nick and Quinn thing if they were ever a couple, I don't see it. Of course, I could be secretly hoping that Nick and Ellie might hook up, but still, I don't see the Nick and Quinn thing. If it did happen, I kind of hope it doesn't happen again. But with all the worried looks and such we were getting from Nick about Quinn in this episode, I guess I wouldn't be surprised if they hooked up again.

I wasn't expecting the case to go down the freeze bodies and try to bring them back to life route. I knew Asher was going to be involved because I could tell the minute we met him, that he was hiding something. He knew what the virus was. He even created it. But it wasn't totally about the virus to begin with. 

Karl needs help! He thinks he can freeze people and bring them back to life later on and is doing it on people who aren't even willing to do it in the first place! Crazy serial killer! Glad that they finally caught the guy. 

It was fun watching the team work off grid, sort to speak. Gibbs was fine, though, seeing as he has never gotten a smart phone. But it was so funny to see one of them go to do something with their phone, but realize a few minutes later, that they actually can't. This isn't the first time they've gone off the grid, but it's always fun when it happens.