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NCIS: New Orleans "Krewe" Episode Recap

The team investigate  a train heist.

Pride is pulling out all the stops to trying to get something against the Mayor and I love it that Pride is finally going to do something about their shady Mayor. He's way dirty. I think he has something to do with almost every dirty little thing that goes on in the town it seems like. But did Pride blow his one and only chance because of how their new case went?

The train heist was an odd one. A major shoot out happened and no one got hurt because of rubber bullets. Then all of the sudden two of the girls ended up being found dead? Something else had to be going on here.

Nadine actually surprised me. Here I thought she was just someone that was kind of clueless. She was actually their key to the whole situation. Now her attitude during the whole episode makes complete sense now. Nadine is actually the one who ended up stealing the guns. But she was doing it for a good cause, just going about it all wrong.

Nadine went on a doctors without boarders (I believe, correct me if I'm wrong) trip and was trapped in a little town that got gunned down and awful things happened to the women and children. She wanted to try to protect that town as best she could by actually pulling something illegal herself. By stealing her own daddy's guns and getting them sent over to the village. Yes, that's way illegal, but she was doing it for a good cause, so I'm a bit torn.

I'm not sure if I would have fully done what Sonja did, but in a way, I kind of back her up. Sonja didn't agree that they were going to get the guns back and arrest Nadine. Sure Nadine had done awful stuff, just for a good cause. Sonja ended up making her own judgment at the end which could cost her her job. I really hope that doesn't happen because Sonja is my favorite.

Even though Pride is super mad at Sonja, I do love the fact that he still tried to go to bat for her when they got called to the judges office. It is a little fishy that they suddenly looked into the team at the airport. I do wonder who's suggestion that was. Is Karen really bad or was it just out of pure curiosity? The fact that Pride set up a wiretap on the Mayor makes me wonder if putting Sonja behind bars is his retaliation.

Aside from all that, it looks like the romance feelings might be coming up again. At least for Chris this time. I know Sonja has had feelings for Chris, but I haven't seen his opinion on the matter yet. But the minute Chris saw Sonja with that guy in the coffee shop, I knew he was jealous. No matter how much he wants to deny, he likes Sonja. They both like each other. They just need to stop being stubborn about it and just do something about it already. However, with Sonja possibly going to jail, that might be put on hold for now.