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Scorpion "Rock Block" Episode Recap

The team have to break the rules of a foreign government in order to stop them from exposing the world to possibly deadly chemicals that they brought in from outer space on an asteroid.

For a minute there, I thought that their case was going to be pretty easy. But I should know better. I've watched this show since the beginning and I should know that nothing is never this easy for the team. The major part of the case was easy. However, the part when they find out that what they brought back from outer space could kill the whole wide world, wasn't what the government wanted to hear and so it made it a lot worse.

They had to go behind their backs in order to stop the soldier from destroying the world. He didn't care about the lives. All that mattered to him was the fact that he spent a bunch of money on this project and the fact that he could have nothing to show for it, would probably make him look bad in the end. But sorry, if you kill the whole world because of unleashing whatever was in that thing, that would be way worse then losing pride.

So glad that the President of the country was behind team Scorpion and saving the people. They helped in a big way. By getting all the employees out of the way so that Scorpion could do what they needed to without getting caught. Oh did I forget to mention that the reason why they couldn't get caught is because they had a target on their heads? Yep, the General Savic wanted to kill Scorpion after hearing that the team wanted to save the world and destroy the product. Don't worry, with the President's help, they do get the product destroyed, Sly cuts a deal with the general to get everybody out safely and they get home. 

Is it weird that I sometimes miss the old Walter? I do love the fact that he has changed so much and is much more relatable now. The fact that he's tuning into feelings even if he doesn't fully believe in them, is a huge step for him. That quote he had about love at the end just melted my heart and I was quietly hoping for a kiss at the end there, but sadly, nothing. Hopefully we will get one soon where they both actually mean it this time and where they are both awake.

The team is also in full wedding prepping mood. So fun seeing all the team work on something besides a case. Each member doing what he or she does best. However, Walter did something so like old Walter. Of course he would make something happy, be about math and numbers and say stuff like "oh, your marriage is doomed before it starts" kind of thing. I still believe that Walter is trying hard to start something with Paige and that could be why he's doing this, but I really hope not. I do love it that he really does seem to take to heart now what she tells him. He decided that the lectures were not the best thing for a wedding. Ugh and that song choice? So Walter, but so cute as to why he would pick that song.

Toby and Happy are enjoying the free benefits from checking out the wedding venues a little too much. Without even telling the team what they are doing, they are spending relaxing days at the spa or whatever else they offer. Toby is shocked to learn that Paige wanted a bribe in order to keep her mouth shut. But she is a lady and if there's a spa involved, I'd probably even take him up on that offer.

Loved it that Ally came back with good news too! She finally found some dirt on her boss that proved he has been bad. He'll get thrown out of office which means Sly can have the job! I do love what Gallo did by breaking things off with Ally for the sake of the team, but I agree with Sly. It was a while ago and it doesn't bother Sly anymore and Gallo is in fact stupid for not realizing that they both are still crazy for each other. That is one brave guy to stand up to Gallo about something like that. But it worked.