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Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. "Farewell, Cruel World!" Episode Recap

What happens in the real world while Daisy and Simmons are trapped in the framework? We are about to find out.

We go back 10 weeks ago before this all started. When Simmons and Daisy first went under. But instead of going after Simmons and Daisy's storyline, we go after the real world this time. I got so swept up in the framework, that I had forgotten what was going on in the real world. That it wasn't a cakewalk for them. Well, it wasn't for Simmons and Daisy either, but yeah.

The poor team is having a hard time keeping the plane afloat. The machine sucks a bunch of battery out of the craft to the point of them having to turn off the cloaking device which gets them found. So yeah, to make a long story short, they end up getting found.

But not to worry, though it takes a while to figure everything out, the team gets out safely! So glad that they were able to finally come out. For a minute there, I had a bad feeling that they weren't going to make it in time. All but one came out and I'm so sorry for their loss. I'm hoping, just hoping, that something happens to Mack and he realizes that he needs to somehow get home. Not sure if that'll be the case or not now, but I felt so bad for Yo Yo. 

I was so mad at Mack for wanting to stay behind! Ok, I have no clue what happened with his daughter or would have been daughter. I don't know if she ended up dying somehow or if she was never born or what, but it must have been hard enough for Mack to want him to stay in the framework even though he knows for a fact now that this isn't real. Hope isn't real. Why stay there with something that's fake when he has someone in the real world that loves him? Ugh, just didn't make sense, I was just mad at him.

However, I am so glad that they got Fitz to come back! For a second there, I thought they had lost him too when Simmons accidentally "killed" his dad. I thought that was the end of Fitz and Simmons did too and I also thought that Radcliffe had turned bad again. Thank goodness that wasn't the case at all. He knew the only way to get Fitz out of there was to trick him in order to get him to the place they needed to escape from. So glad that for the last time we saw Radcliffe, he ended up being good.

Not only is all this happening, but Aida is now a full on human being who can transport?! Did not know how that worked out. But yep, she's real and now can she be killed like them or did she do something to herself to make her not like that? Aida is so creepy and the way that she loves Fitz still makes my skin crawl.

I was wondering what kind of aftermath the team was going to have once they were out of the framework. Would they remember or would it just be erased? I was hoping for the erased option, but sadly, that wasn't the case. They full on remembered everything. Coulson was ok and May seemed to be fine, but then again it is May. She doesn't show her feelings too often. But that Coulson and May moment! Yes, I ship them. 

Ugh, poor Fitz. He seems like he's going to have the hardest time to deal with. I mean, he was bad after all in the framework. He killed a bunch of people. Though it wasn't real, it's messing with his head and now that Aida is alive and took him to who knows where, this won't help with the situation at all. But seriously, can Fitz and Simmons have a break already? That poor couple relationship just needs some happiness already!

So all the team, minus Mack, has woken up and is fighting back at their base. The plane that Simmons and Daisy are on is also coming crashing down. Let's just hope that won't happen.