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Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. "The Return" Episode Recap

The team get out of the framework, but the fight is far from over.

Aida is now human and not only that, but is inhuman and has more then one power? The book really did something to her to make her almost not human, perhaps alien. She can feel like a human and at first, I thought that they were going to have a break. That Fitz was gonna get through to her, but sadly that wasn't the case.

Daisy couldn't put off telling Yo Yo anymore as to why Mack wanted to stay behind. Yo Yo was so mad. I sort of agree with her, though. Why didn't Daisy just knock Mack out and get him back against his will? Whatever happened to Hope must have been so strong that he wanted to do anything to be with someone, even if they aren't even real. Yo Yo at least knows who Hope is, while as I'm still a little fuzzy on that whole storyline. Hoping to get more answers soon on that.

Ok, it's official. Fitz is my favorite character. His acting is always on point and how he was being with Aida was amazing. This poor guy who was awful in the framework is still trying to deal with everything he did in that life. Even though he wasn't at fault for it at all. He is still totally blaming himself. But the fact that he could possibly be the one to turn Aida good was so cute. No, I hate them as a couple. Seeing them hug and kiss made my skin crawl. It was still sweet that Fitz could possibly be the one good thing in her life to make her not go crazy. Fitz went so far as to blaming himself, that he thinks he is Grant! Buddy, you are so far from what Grant did, don't even go there!

Well, that didn't last long. Aida is still having a hard time adjusting to all these new feelings. She doesn't totally handle it well with fear or anger and she may never be able to handle it well at all. But she completely flies off the handles when Fitz realized that he doesn't love Aida. That was just the framework talking. That he still loves Jemma! For a second there, I was heartbroken when Fitz said that him and Jemma were done with. Thank goodness he realized that was false. 

That's when all chaos broke lose. Fitz almost died if it wasn't for the team coming after him since Glenn had the rest held at gun point thinking they were still robots. Boy is he wrong. He has know clue as to what has happened since the last time he was there. Fitz gets out and then has to tell the team that Aida can't be stopped. What in the world is this thing? But hope could possibly be coming!

Coulson is still refusing to tell May about the kiss they shared and that's when he knew May wasn't who she said she was. But let's face it, there's feelings between these two whether they wanna admit it or not. Maybe now isn't a good time to say that. Once things calm down, but it looks like this poor team can never get a break.

During all this, I had no clue that Yo Yo wasn't present until Coulson pointed it out. She was so desperate to get Mack out of the framework, that she's going under herself! She really does have no clue what she's getting herself into.

Fitz and Simmons have been through so much. I think this couple out of all my fave TV couples have been through the worst. Will they ever get to have a peaceful night off or at least a date or get married for that matter? That scene at the end was so heartbreaking, but I'm glad Jemma went in there to comfort Fitz. He needed that so bad. It'll be tough for them, but they've been through worse. They can survive this.

At the end, Yo Yo wakes up in the framework, but she's finding out right away that it's hard in there. I'm not sure why this is, but she is tied to a table! Daisy did try to warn her, but did she listen? Nope. In the real world, help may be coming! Ghost Rider is back! Who knew I'd actually be happy to see him? I think he's the only thing that can destroy Aida.