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Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. "World's End" (Season Finale) Episode Recap

Ghost Rider comes back with one thing on his mind. To stop Aida.

Who knew I'd be so happy to see Ghost Rider back? I am beyond thrilled because I know that this is the only person who can get rid of Aida once and for all. Melinda wants Phil to tell her what happened with Robot May, but Phil is still a little hesitant. Then the poor framework is getting destroyed. I wonder if it had something to do once Aida left. That wasn't totally explained well only that I knew it had something to do with Aida not being happy.

There's about 24 hours until the framework is completely gone. But Yo Yo and Mack are still trapped inside possibly forever at this rate. At this point of the episode, it didn't seem like they were going to get out on time. In the real world though, Talbit is making Shield out to be a big liar and they could possibly be shut down because no one trusts them anymore. Not totally their fault, though. Who else thinks there's something going on between Daisy and Robbie? I totally ship them! But with his line of work, I wonder if he can even have a relationship? I really had no clue what Aida's play was, but I think she wanted Shield to really look like the bad guy and for everyone Fitz loves to suffer. I think that was the main plot there in her plan. 

Ok, totally missed the part where that was "Daisy" trying to kill the general to make it look like the inhumans had gone rogue or that Shield was making them to be a weapon of mass destruction which isn't the case at all. I totally thought that was Aida right then. But Talbot will survive. Kind of surprised at how he was shot, though. That fight with Daisy and Robbie was totally epic and Phil would have loved to have watched it. I'm also bummed he missed out on seeing it. He seems to miss all the cool stuff. Back in the Framework again and nothing is looking good at all. People and stuff keep disappearing left and right and they don't have much time left. I almost thought their time had run out, almost.

Then there's the real world that doesn't look much better with Aida, an impossible force to stop, who is after Fitz and wants to make him suffer by killing everybody he loves. First on that list is Gemma! I for sure thought Aida had killed Gemma. Thank goodness that was just a robot. There was a lot of heart stopping moments in the season finale, that's for sure. This whole scene was just one big part in order to distract Aida so that Ghost Rider could get a hold of Aida and the book and destroy them once and for all. I forgot that the Ghost Rider can change bodies by making deals with that person. Phil got to be Ghost Rider for just a few minutes to finish Aida off and then went right back to Robbie afterwards. 

I was so thrilled when Aida was destroyed! It was kind of gruesome to watch it happen, but at the same time, I did because you know, it's Aida. Back in the Framework again and Mack still won't accept that what he sees isn't real. He may and just won't admit it. He wants his daughter that badly that he is willing to die along with her to make that happen. At the end, Yo Yo decides to stay behind too? What?! Just kidding. Not sure what happened there, but they both come back safe and sound and Mack and Yo Yo seem to have gotten even closer because of it. I was so sad to see Robbie go, but I guess he has to. All of his tricks he has learned is so amazing. Are they going to possibly do a movie or a spin off show with him? Would totally watch it! I know, I went from hating Ghost Rider, to absolutely falling in love with the character. Fitz is still blaming himself for all the stuff he did in the Framework, but thanks to Daisy's amazing pep talk speech, she kind of vamped everybody up, including Fitz, it looks like, so yay Daisy! Did Phil and Melinda in their weird way admit to having feelings for each other though? I think they did.

Then I totally did not get the cliffhanger. Too fun see the team eating together at the end. It has been too long since they did something like that together. It so reminded me of in Avengers when they did the same thing. But then sadly they were taken off too who knows where. It looks like space? Could this perhaps be the deal Phil made with Ghost Rider? He did make something that he isn't too thrilled to tell anybody until it's time. Or is this where they took the team? I'm so confused because it looks like it's just Phil out there in space working on something. Working on what? Who knows what, that will have to wait until season 5.