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NCIS: LA "Uncaged" & "Unleashed" (Season Finale) Episode Recap

One of Sam's old enemies come back and wants revenge.

Tahir wants revenge for what Sam did to his sister. But haven't we been down this road before with him? I was a little tired of them going back to the same bad guy. Though they did make it fresh and exciting that's for sure.

Sam's wife gets kidnapped after they get a call to meet an old bad guy in prison when he says he has some info. Then there was a murder that Sam had to go to and he first thought it was a beloved friend. But it ended up not being. Why would someone do that to Sam?

It's a little too late before he realizes what happens. It was a distraction to get Michelle by herself so that someone could kidnap her! Oh, it made Sam so mad! I would not want to be on the bad end of that guy. That's for sure.

The kidnapper wants the bad guy they saw in jail to get released! Hetty jumps throw who knows what kind of hoops in order to get that to happen. But what was the point in that? I mean, their plan eventually failed, but for the life of me I'm not totally sure what happened to the bad guy that was released since he gave the team the slip? Maybe someone could fill me in in case I missed something.

Anyways, they did get the bad guy released, but it didn't do anything to find Michelle like they thought. So where is Michelle? That's the million dollar question in the season finale. It takes a while and then right before the worst happens, Michelle realizes what was missing from their car ride to wherever she was being held. 

She wasn't actually taken anywhere! She had been lead to believe that they had driven for a while when in fact she hadn't! Remember that place with the security guard that Deeks bribed? Well, that's the place she ended up being at! I thought that guard was a little off when we first met him. 

But sadly, it was too late. I was so hoping that we'd get there in time and she'd just be past out. That wasn't the case. She had, in fact, died. Now Sam wants revenge himself and another agent goes rogue in order to stop Tahir once and for all.

I'm glad that the team finally got through to Sam that hey, you can't do this alone no matter how badly you want to. It would work better if they worked as a team and it did since they knew where Tahir was going to be.

To make a long story short, in the end, Tahir ended up getting blown up by his own bomb on a bus after he tried to kill Sam along with it. Don't worry, the whole team is fine and now one less bad guy after them.

No cliffhanger for this show either. Whatever happened to those? I miss a good old cliffhanger and shows don't seem to do that anymore. Anyways, it did end on a good note. Kensi realized that life is too short to be without the one you love and she proposed to Deeks! Yes, Deeks first had a cow and saying he wanted to be the one to do it, but in fact, he already had a couple times. I think it was kind of fitting that Kensi did it. That proved to Deeks that she is finally ready to walk down the aisle with him.