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NCIS: New Orleans "Poetic Justice" (Season Finale) Episode Recap

Pride goes rogue in order to stop the Mayor once and for all.

Pride goes rogue! He is so desperate in order to stop the Mayor he will do anything to do that. He doesn't want to jeopardize his team anymore then he already has and with all their jobs on the line, he decides to do the one thing that he could possibly do to end this once and for all.

But was it the best solution? I don't totally know, since it ended up with Pride kidnapping the Mayor and now he's the number one target. He can't go anywhere which is made worse when the Mayor accidentally got shot (or was on purpose? still not quite sure about that). 

Pride's whole team is working to find out where Pride is before anybody else does and to stop him before he does something awful. Which it looked like he might have done already when he killed the Mayor's right hand dirty man and pushed him off a roof. Later we find out that Pride ended up killing him in self defense. 

I was with Chris though. The Mayor is Pride's breaking point and so far, he'll do anything to stop him. Especially if it's to protect his team and the city he loves more then Mayor. The Mayor may say he loves the town, but why in the world would he flood a city just to get his boat port thing underway? Killing all those people does not spell out love to me. 

Yep, that's what he wanted to do! The good old Mayor wanted to kill the residents of Clearwater in order to put his precious boat port thing there! He wasn't going to replace them into new homes like he told all the official people in his office, he was going to kill them. 

In the end, I wanted to shout for joy when they walked the Mayor out in handcuffs! It took 3 seasons for Pride to finally find something on the Mayor and prove his gut instinct, but it was well worth the wait.

Then there's Chris and Sonja. I've seen this relationship story line all too often to know that we probably won't get anything from them anytime soon but for a split second, I was hoping we were. Sonja was just thanking him that he saved her life in jail and I'm sure if Chris didn't stop her, something would have happened. I'm not sure if Chris is just worried since they work together or if he just doesn't know his feelings quite yet about how he feels about Sonja (though it's obvious), but for the first time, I could tell Chris meant something more to Sonja. She was truly disappointed when he told her that nothing could happen. 

No cliffhanger. Just the team helping to rebuild Pride's bar after it got exploded in last weeks episode. Which I thought was a sweet touch. Not just his team, but it looked like the entire city was going to come help. I mean, Pride did save a good chunk of them, so I'm not totally surprised.