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NCIS "Rendezvous" (Season Finale) Episode Recap

Gibbs, McGee and Torres fly to a remote place in Paraguay after some researchers find a hand and some more body parts.

So cute that Abby and the girls are trying to secretly throw a surprise baby shower for Delilah! I agree with Tim, though, a surprise may not be such a good idea to do right now. Not after her fainting spell from earlier. On an off subject, I am surprised to see Tim back at work so soon. Then again, it sounds to me like several weeks have past since the wedding episode. In this episode, though, for the first time, I really felt like the whole cast bonded together. Was it just me or did anybody else think that too?

Their new case turns in to quite an interesting one. I do miss the old season finales when a big bad guy was targeting them, though. But this one was still fun. Some researchers find a severed hand in Paraguay and at first, they are lead to believe it belongs to Matthew Dean who they are starting to get pieces back from. Yeah, it was pretty disgusting. 

Not only did Dean's wife find out her husband was dead, but she is also starting to learn that he may not have been truthful about the trips he was taking. I started to feel bad for her, though. It made it look like her husband was going off to some small country to steal money to get out of debt because of a gambling problem. 

Come to find out, Dean was lying and still alive, but not because of getting money to get out of debt. It's because he was trying to help a villager in the town they used to have a mission on get his son back from the rebels! Ok, I know he lied, but it was for a good reason. He's redeemed in my book if you ask me. 

So, Gibbs, McGee and Nick travel to that town to find out what is really going on and to be back up for the guy. Though they are still out numbered by a bunch, they eventually find the kid (kids) and return them safely. But not all get out safe.

The getaway helicopter is only there for a very very short amount of time and Nick and the kids got on it, but Gibbs stayed behind to make sure the rest got away! And stupid (or heroic, depending on how you look at it, I guess), McGee quickly jumped off to help Gibbs! I mean, Gibbs has really been there for Tim this season and he probably felt like he owed him one or Tim was just being his sweet self. Still, I was kind of mad that both of them are now trapped in a shoot out that's bound to go wrong when there's 2 against a whole bunch of guns. That my friend, was the cliffhanger and now we must wait until September sometime to find out what their solution is on getting the rest of the team home.