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Pretty Little Liars "Hold Your Piece" Episode Recap

It's Hanna's turn for the game.

A.D. is calling out to Spencer to get her friends over all to give the phone to Hanna so it's her turn next? Why not just text someone and be like "Hey, it's your turn" instead of torturing Spencer in the middle of the night? Oh wait, that's A.D.'s specialty, that's why.

In a way, I'm glad Caleb knows know about the whole thing. I don't like it when the girls keep secrets. Though at the same time, that also usually blows up in their face. Either someone gets hurt really bad or something like in this episode where if Caleb wasn't with Spencer, he probably would have died because he was trying to get into the game to stop it. But A.D. can't be stopped. Not yet anyways.

Ok, I couldn't believe how long it took Hanna to realize what A.D. meant by the appendix. I knew immediately what A.D. meant but it took Hanna like half the episode to realize (ok, maybe not half the episode), that A.D. meant to cut open the body. But how creepy was that? I'm glad Caleb was there so she didn't have to deal with it by herself. I'm glad that Hanna didn't have to take her turn. That hopefully Lucas (who I'm hoping isn't in on all this - thought that during this episode) helped keep the meeting and get Hanna what she wanted.

This episode sure did have it feels for an emotional rollercoaster. One minute, I'm happy and literally the next minute, I'm sad. Ok, not a fan of Yvonne and Toby, but I so did not want this to happen! Either happen right away or not at all not drag it out to think that Toby could be happy. But then there's a small hope for Spencer and Toby now. Ok, I know that's mean of me to think after Toby just lost his wife, but still. I also love Fury and Spencer. They have such amazing chemistry. Once a fan of Spoby, always a fan of Spoby in my opinion. No one can top that couple. 

I kind of figured something bad was going to happen to Yvonne when they were having their discussion of where they wanted to honeymoon. She just started to talk very slow and I thought that was not a good sign. I just wasn't expecting her to just die right then and there. I figured that's what happened when Toby just kind of feel to his knees when he saw Spencer. 

How come we haven't had Emily and Aria together as team? That team is amazing together! Aria is so funny with all the tech stuff. It sure is helping since Sydney doesn't seem to be telling the truth at all. I don't trust anybody who works or is friends with Jenna. I almost wonder though if all these girls are involved in something and A.D. is just pulling everybody's strings to get them off of their track.

What does happen now though that Hanna didn't complete her turn? Caleb is way more important then the stupid A.D. game. Do they not get a piece or does it go to someone else or what? That seems to be a mystery. Oh and why is Nicole in Aria's place and showing up all randomly and creepy like that? Where is Ezra is he ok?!

We didn't get the famous -A scene at the end. It was Fury receiving a package in the mail from A.D. with a finger in it. That is so not a good sign.