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Pretty Little Liars "In The Eye Abides The Heart" Episode Recap

No one takes a turn this week, but a friend will betray them.

Emily and Ali are being smart about the baby. They want to take a blood test to make sure that it really is Emily's before they do anything. How do they know they can trust the test though? I mean, A.D. is pretty much in control of everything. I'm sure they can control on if it says it belongs to Emily or not. Ok, I may be going out on a limb, but I still won't be surprised if later, they are like, oh just kidding, it wasn't Emily's! Sadly, Aria did say yes to helping A.D. or whoever this creepy mysterious person is via FaceTime. I know it's a mask that they have on and it's a voice over, but anybody else wonder if that looked and sounded a little like Paige? Maybe I'm jumping to conclusions but that's just my opinion. Yay for the girls for wanting to search through Lucas' apartment! I don't know if he is A.D. but I think he at least knows something or is involved somehow. Now Mary wants to meet with Spencer and is leaving her secret notes in a bottle to try to figure out when and where to meet.

Hanna is still in complete denial that Lucas is involved. Part of me thinks she's right, but then when they find that comic book that sounds awfully like what really happened to him and about the whole   -A thing in real life, it made me wonder a little more on what Lucas' involvement really is. Aria is being a double agent and now Creeper on the Phone wants Aria to steal the comic book. 

I can tell that Ali and Emily both want to keep the baby and I'm not sure why they are stubborn at admitting that. Emily was the first to admit that she wants to keep the baby but doesn't want to tell Ali because she doesn't think she has any say. But in a way, she kind of does. I know Ali wants to keep it, but I'm not sure what her fear of keeping it was stopping her. Was it the whole A.D. thing or not knowing who the dad was or what? If I was Hanna, I'd stay with a friend. I would not want to stay in Lucas' house until I had proven that guy can be trusted. Another red flag on Lucas. He is putting the warehouse that he was going to use for Hanna's store up for sale! Aria is doing her first bidding for A.D. by dropping off the stolen comic book at school. Where it was almost magically replaced with a black hoodie. I'm sure there was just a false back in the locker and they snuck the hoodie in there. That's the only logical explanation. 

In a way, with how Mona was in love with the game when she first saw it, made me wonder if that could be a red flag? I mean, I get that it's Mona, but still. I was a little creeped out that she first off figured out things so fast for it and secondly was like in love with it and not creeped out by it. It's on a battery pack and a very long one at that. It won't run out until the game is complete. Ezra is making me so mad! I think he is somehow blaming himself for the state that Nicole is in and he keeps thinking he has to be there for her and her family who seem like they are kind of helpless themselves. Aria is hurting here every time Ezra leaves and it's not fair to her or to Nicole. He needs to decide what to do and fast or something isn't going to end right for him.

At first, I thought Paige seeing Ali was going to end badly. But I think it was the best thing she could have ever done. She was able to get the truth out of Ali and Ali was able to finally admit that she wants the baby too. It sounds like this is the last time we will see Paige unless she is involved in this whole thing which won't surprise me if she is. Fury is pretty smart and needs to be careful or he'll be A.D.'s next victim. I knew that he knows more then he is actually saying to everybody. I believe he either is figuring things out as he goes along or he knows already and is just trying to get proof. Why else would he stay in the shadows after he followed Spencer to the place that she was supposed to meet Mary at? Sounds creepy to me. After this episode, I do not ship those two together anymore (Spencer and Fury, that is).

Hanna tried to recruit Mona into helping play the game and Mona is either afraid of it or is hiding something because she seemed a bit shady here when asked by her best friend on if she could help them. Ok, I see her point of view, though. Mona has been in these shoes before. She knows that whoever is in charge of the game, is truly sick and once you get hooked on controlling people, you never want to stop. I think Mona is the only one who could be really good at this game, though. Wren is back! Spencer is trying to be just a good friend and catching up but at the same time trying to figure out what he knows about that night, but still Wren is back! Was it just me or was that look he gave Ezra and Spencer a bit creepy? I have always believed he has been involved in this somehow. Ezra decided not to go! Even though those things Aria said to him weren't nice, it is what he needed to hear in order to figure things out and where he wanted to be. Aria is ignoring another call from Creeper on the Phone. That can't be a good thing. I didn't understand the A.D. scene, though. It looked like Creeper on the Phone has a file on Aria but are they giving it to the police or what's their deal? Not totally sure what that meant.