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Pretty Little Liars "Playtime" Episode Recap

The girls are back for the final ten episodes, ever!

I can not believe that in just a short month, my favorite show, ever, will be over. It's going to be so hard to watch the final episode, but I'm going to because like most people by now, I'm really curious as to who really is in charge of this whole thing. We've had minor -A's, but I think the girls are just now realizing that those were just mini ones and they haven't met the true person behind it all.

Yes, I do have a theory, I just can't help it. I try to give up trying to solve this show because most of the time, I'm wrong. But I still can't help but wonder if my theory might be right. Especially since that certain someone is coming back for the final episodes.

A.D. seems to be a new level of creepy. I'll give that one to the creators. Each -A steps up their game, but this is truly Endgame. We first see the girls and dealing with the aftermaths of the season finale. Is Toby ok? Will Spencer survive? What about Aria and Ezra and the whole Nicole thing? Then there's Hanna and Caleb.

I loved it that it immediately went into that update right away. Spencer will be fine. Toby survived, but his girlfriend/fiance didn't. Well, she did, she's still in coma. According to Ezra, their accident was caused by a deer? I know a deer can do serious damage, but that looked way more serious then a deer.

Hanna and Caleb just basically went back to being a couple. Like no nothing in between. Which I guess is good. But Ezra and Aria seem to be hitting another rough patch. If anybody can survive anything in a relationship, it's them. They've been through so much already, that I would be shocked if it ended. I can see why Ezra wants to not end things right away with Nicole. She has been through a tough time. A break up would just make things way worse then they need to be right now.

Side note: Holden is back! So happy to see him, since he is one of those characters who kind of fell off the face of the earth. It's like that with Hanna's other boyfriend (Travis - was that his name?). Never heard from him again either. Weird. 

The girls think it was over with Jenna and Noel? Jenna is still missing. But in reality, she's being held captive probably by A.D. themselves. It wasn't them that was in charge. A.D. is making it clear of that. They sent a new board game. It's kind of like Clue/Truth or Dare/Ouija Board/Life all rolled into one with a twist only A.D. can bring. 

Spencer is in fact related to the Dilaurentis. Mary Drake is her mother. As her reward for visiting Toby in the hospital (who didn't love that Spoby moment?), she got a letter from Mary that Mary wrote a long time ago. In a way, I'm kind of glad Mama Hastings adopted Spencer. But Spencer deserved to know the truth eventually.

Miss Hanna is trying to make it again in the fashion industry. But this time, she'll be hopefully doing it right. Without letting it get in the way of her and Caleb like it did last time. Mona is involved and I'm not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing. She is someone who is very hard to trust sometimes.

Emily and Paige are both working at the school now, which makes things awkward with Ali. Man, when Ali gets jealous, the old, mean Ali comes out. I hate seeing that Ali. I want the nice one again!

Our moment of -A is brought to us by Jenna. Who doesn't seem to be doing too bad. She received a huge book to read that the first words were "endgame" and she had a huge smile on her fave. That could only mean one thing: it's going to be bad.