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Pretty Little Liars "Power Play" Episode Recap

It's Miss Ali's turn at A.D.'s game of torture. What do they have in store for her?

Finally, the truth comes out to Nicole! Probably at a bad time for her, though, since she was having another episode. But what do you expect? I guess the Dr. told Ezra that it probably wasn't the best time to tell Nicole about Aria. It probably wasn't, but the beans had to be spilled anyways when she ran away to his house. Yes, Ezra is ok. I do feel bad for Nicole, though. What she's going through can't be easy.

Then there's Toby. Who wasn't even in this episode. Which was kind of a let down. I wanted to know a little more of what happened, but I guess they wanted to give him some space. I mean, he's going through a really hard time right now. I couldn't even begin to image the loss he's feeling. 

Ok, I know I've said time and time again that I'm a Spoby fan through and through, but is it bad how much I love Spencer and Fury together? They have such amazing chemistry. But really hoping he's not involved in all of this -A business. I guess I wouldn't put it pass the show to do something like that, but in a way, it'd be nice for once if someone had a normal relationship. However, dating a detective while you are playing a crazy game just to keep out of jail, may not be the best idea there. It also sounds like he could be almost on their tails for what happened to Archer. They now know he's dead and was killed. But the girls killed in self defense. They just don't know that.

Ali's turn at the game is the worst so far. I'm sure they will just get worse from now on, too. But still, I felt really bad for her. She has decided to give up the baby, but not according to A.D. They want her to keep the baby, it sounds like. Because they make Ali go to a baby store to set up for a baby shower and then she hears all the baby talk and I'm sure she already starts to second guess herself then. Then there's the finding out that it's actually Emily's baby, not Archer's (which I guess is a good thing) was a huge wrench in her plans. Side note: Paige might be moving? But she could be staying too it sounds like. I'm confused with all that.

I just said that Lucas could possibly be in on this and I could actually be right?! The meeting didn't sound like it went well at all without Hanna there and hopefully there will be a next time for Hanna. She deserves a win. But thanks to all the background info on Ted that we learned (yes, Ted came back and is hiding Mary in his place!), Lucas knew Charlie (Charlotte!)! How is that for a mind blown twist? Ok, I knew that Lucas was probably involved and the fact that he never said he knew Charlotte was just icing on the cake. I could be way wrong, but this show doesn't have coincidences.

Learned so much in this episode. First that Ted is hiding Mary because they are college friends. Lucas could possibly be in on this whole A.D. endgame thing. Mr. Hastings is back and filled Spencer in on all kinds of goodies. Mary was in fact in the house that night Spencer came home from Radley. I remember that scene all too well. Mary wanted revenge according to Spencer's Dad. Her Dad seems truly terrified of Mary and I think that's a good sign that she shouldn't be trusted, like at all. It was in fact Mary who killed Jessica! I guess that was her revenge for what happened with Spencer. 

Then there's the little bit of info on how is Sydney involved? I think I have another idea that could be right. A.D. has a bunch of little pawns out there and pulling their strings just like he's/she is doing it to the 5 girls. Sydney is "A.D." until Aria finds an earpiece that someone is telling Sydney what to do. Aria started to get creepy messages on her phone and then this led her to the limo with Sydney inside. 

I'm so glad Sydney ended up just being a pawn. I'm not sure what I would have done if she was really A.D. We need it to be someone we at least know really well! I actually would be ok if it turned out to be one of the girls at this point. Aria somehow did something in that whole time with Sydney that she at least skipped her turn. Hanna had about a heart attack when she learned she was next again and Aria does not hold her truths like she used to. She about spilled the beans just by the look on her face. It looks like she hasn't decided on whether or not she wants to be on the "winning team" or not. Let's just hope it's a no, but I have a funny feeling it might be a yes.