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Pretty Little Liars "These Boots Were Made For Stalking" Episode Recap

It's Emily's turn to play the sick, twisted game A.D. has set up for them.

No matter how hard they might want to not play the game, A.D. will make them one way or another. They somehow always play stuff to their advantage and end up getting what they want in the end. I am really curious how they can do stuff like that and hopefully we will get those answers when A.D. is revealed.

The girls aren't too happy that Spencer decided to play the game when they had chosen not to play it. Then again, I think something bad would have happened if they hadn't even looked at it eventually. Because we all know how this show goes by now. 

I love the fact that Holden is back right now! But I almost wonder if he has different intentions with Aria? Does he still like her and is being a comforter in her time of trouble and wanting something more out of it in the end? I mean, their relationship did end on sort of good terms, but I got the funny feeling at the end that perhaps Holden wants to get back together with Aria. I'm hoping I'm wrong, since he's being so sweet with her and telling her that everything will be find with Ezra. I'm glad that he followed Aria to stop her from doing something awful with Nicole.

Poor Hanna. First, she had her design get stolen. One she didn't believe was truly her own. Sure Claudia did help her make it better, but it's not totally Claudia's and if Claudia doesn't even want to answer Hanna's calls, Hanna just needs to give it a rest. If something comes back later, then it does, but I think Hanna should be proud of the dress. It looks amazing. Not only that, but A.D. makes Hanna sort of relive her time in the shed. Poor girl. Glad Caleb finally found her!

Wow, Addison is a piece of work. She really is Ali of the school. Hopefully this crime that she was about to commit and being caught before something bad happened, will show her the error of her ways. I'm sure A.D. had something to do with that mysterious email being sent. Addison truly looked surprised. A.D. just wanted Emily to be mean for just a second in order to get another puzzle piece.

Spencer is having a hard time with everything. She sure is stubborn. She doesn't want to move, she just won't admit it yet. But she is also roping the detective in to help track down Mary. While that is going on Jenna Marshall comes waltzing in on her own! A.D. just let her go? What's his plan here? Yes, I think A.D. is a guy. I have always thought that, but anyways, what's his point of having Jenna out there? She's not totally much of a spy. Just weird.

So, the puzzle pieces they are getting, Spencer wonders if it's a map because of how each piece looks. I wonder if that could be it, too. I mean, Spencer is the smart one. What could it be a map to? A trap? The winners circle? -A's lair? Who knows what. But I'm intrigued.