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Scorpion "Scorp Family Robinson" (Season Finale) Episode Recap

Will the team ever get off the island? That's what they try hard to do in the season finale.

Team seems to be adjusting well to the island. Or as well as they can be doing stuck on an island. Right now, they don't seem to be getting on each others nerves, but that's bound to come out sooner or later. Poor Sly is going like crazy or something. But my thing is, though. If they are a bunch of genius', wouldn't they be able to figure out how to get off an island safely? I mean, that's what they normally do right? I mean, I love this show, but it bugged me that it took them like what, a month or so for them to figure out how to get saved? The island seems to be getting to them and maybe that's why Sly is going a bit crazy. Even Toby started thinking that Cabe and Scotty, who are both alpha males, will battle it out to be in charge, but boy was Toby wrong. It ends it up going to be Toby and Walter who divide up the team.

If anybody's ideas would have worked, I think it would have been Toby's. With those barrels they found, it would have made the raft a lot safer, but I'm sorry, shouldn't it have been a bit bigger though? There are 8 of them and it didn't look like all 8 could fit on the raft. But they never got to try out the raft. Then there's Walter who's idea I didn't completely get at all. No one seemed to think it was going to work, but it split up new couples. Toby wasn't thrilled that Happy went with Walter and Walter wasn't thrilled that Paige went with Toby. 

Ok, is it weird that it surprised me that the lizard was real? I know, I probably should have realized that in a jungle that is such a thing. But it was so tame and hardly moves I was thinking it was like dead or fake or something. Sly wasn't going crazy. Ok, he sometimes didn't make sense, but because of what he was doing, he actually saved the team from pulling each other apart. Sure he did spy on the team mates but that helped because that made them realize that they really did need each other in order for this to work. Then there's Ralph.

Poor Ralph. I know he's still a kid, but wouldn't he too of thought of the thing he was trying to do would eventually blow up? He is smarter then Walter after all. Ok, I know there were a lot of holes in this episode and I normally don't see them, but in this one I did. I still love the show and I get why they did certain things, too. Still, it just annoyed me at the same time. Anyways, vent over. Not sure what Ralph was doing, all I knew is that it was going to blow up any minute. Scotty is the hero again and saved Ralph, but the blow up created a huge sinkhole which they both got trapped in!

Don't worry, Scotty and Ralph both got out just fine, though. It was nice to have an exciting few minutes. But thanks to all of this happening, they realized that they do work better together as a team. I think they started to realize that back at Sly's place, but this whole situation brought them back together and they were able to work together to make an amazing S.O.S. signal.

No matter what they tried, their plan seemed to have failed. I felt so bad for them. They worked so hard and surely a plane would have seen a burning anything on the island that normally doesn't have anything going on on it. Then that last precious minute of the plane fly by is what they all needed. They did seem them and they are going home! It was so nice to see them back in the garage. Toby is still having a cow about all the stuff he is finding out about Happy. So much so that he decided to search for her music video. Which seemed like fun and it looks like Happy and Toby finally got some alone time after all. Cabe is going off to meet up with Ally who he's nervous to see so Sly and Ralph are going along. Scotty got to see his daughter. Then Walter and Paige finally happened! No cliffhanger, but I'm not too bummed. It ended with Paige and Walter actually being a couple in real life! No in a coma, or a fantasy dream or anything. It was in real time and I loved every minute of it.