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Bull "Benevolent Deception" (Season Finale) Episode Recap

Bull gets hired yet again by JP to help her on a case that he doesn't totally agree with.

Ok, I basically knew from the beginning who the bad guy was. They made it pretty obvious. But it was still a fun case to watch. In a new fun setting and they have to go about doing their case way different because of the topic at hand.

A drug bust with a big drug lord who's possibly responsible for this is at hand and all the people on the jury are scared to death to help try this case and find out who's guilty. In a way, I don't blame them, but I don't think it was right that the judge made the jury anonymous. I'm with Bull, that sent a mix message to me. That the court room wasn't safe like it should have been.

I don't get why JP takes cases. Does she do it for money or just because they are her client and she doesn't care if they are involved in the actual crime or not? Hoping Bull can change her mind on the type of people she works with because Bull so does not take cases like that. He is always right and he was right when it came to this one. There was something off about the case and he knew it and tried to show JP that without actually showing her that.

I did love the fact that Bull made the win on the case, that the woman on trial got off not guilty and sent her brother to jail because, surprise, surprise, it was him that the bad guy was calling out all along and the son had seen it happen! Poor kid. He was sure brave though. He wanted that stuff out and gone and he called 911 for it to finally work it out. To make his mom realize that her brother isn't a good guy. Well, I saw that from the beginning, but still. Someone who thought their brother was there for them their whole life was just a bit stubborn to realize what was going on.

Bull also somehow made it that it looked like JP got the win. So she is able to move on from her firm and open her own without having to do all the legal stuff she normally had to do to get out of her firm. I think she picked up on what he did at the end, though. She's not stupid. I also get the biggest feeling that Bull and JP like each other. They may not work well together on the job, but they definitely have chemistry.

No cliffhanger here. Just the team packing up to go back home. But I doubt this is the last we will see of JP.