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Pretty Little Liars "Choose Or Lose" Episode Recap

The police are searching everybody.

Nothing totally new in the whole A.D. department in this episode. Just the fact that Tanner is one step closer at proving what she's probably known all along. That the 5 girls are in on Archer's death. But again, it was self defense but that probably doesn't matter at this point anymore. 

Aria's secret is out of the bag thanks to Mona. Who is supposedly spying on her or A.D. That part wasn't totally made clear and the more Mona is in on the episodes, the less I trust her. Either that or there are 2 Mona's, but I'll get to that in a second. 

Ok, I get that her friends are pretty upset that Aria is working for A.D. but I personally think that they are being way too harsh on her. Of course she picked her soon to be husband over her friends. A.D. had something on him that would send him to jail! Again, if it was written that long ago, not totally sure how that holds up still if they are getting married. But whatever. 

Spencer has also been down the A road before for Toby. I mean, she out of anyone should understand and she does come around, but it seems like Aria might have lost all her friends in the process. I don't know why she just didn't keep on being on the team long enough to get face time or have that be what she told her friends. I mean, they could have set a trap for the true killer! I guess hindsight is always 20/20.

Not much else then the fact that Hanna and Caleb officially got married. Spencer and Toby are officially back together (wanted to cheer during that scene). Emily and Ali had some alone time. And Ezra and Aria got some time too. It was just a couple college at the end with a creepy Mona scene thrown in there.

That scene right there made me realize if that wasn't truly Mona. Mainly because I've never seen Mona wear glasses and she was acting odd throughout the whole episode and the fact that I've never trusted Mona at all to begin with. But could Mona possibly have a twin? All I ask is that they don't have Mona be A.D. That would just be a let down.