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Pretty Little Liars "Driving Miss Crazy" Episode Recap

Aria goes deeper undercover as A.D.'s helper and a liar gets engaged!

Poor Aria. She really needs to tell someone. I can tell she hates doing this to her friends, but I'm not sure if she can get out at this point. She's too far under. That and the fact that A.D. had the file that Aria almost filed for Ezra to get arrested all those years ago, is a big deal breaker for her to continue going. But it kind of sucks not seeing her enjoy all the wedding festivities. She needs to or else Ezra is gonna start to get the wrong idea.

He almost does. He thinks her attitude has to do with him writing the book on the girls. But what he doesn't realize is that it's not about that at all. She's just not loving working for A.D., but it paid off in the end. She was able to get not one but two puzzle pieces and the file back! How crazy was that dream Aria had? I mean, kind of cool and even more awesome to have Janel singing, but it was still a little silly and random.

I think Spencer is starting to hopefully put two and two together with Aria and A.D. Spencer isn't stupid. She's probably the smartest out of the bunch. What with finding Aria's earring last week and this week finding the phone in the box that Aria was closet too, I am just hoping that Spencer is maybe picking up on these things. 

That phone pretty much destroyed Spencer's sort of happy family. Let's face it, though. It's really her dad's fault that all this Mary and Jessica business started in the first place. He shouldn't be blaming Spencer or Mary for any of it. Mary made it worse, but he's forgetting the main factor. Him. He's the reason why this is a big mess and why he totally freaked out over that call that was playing.

Hanna was probably the best part of the whole episode. I was so hoping it would come down to this and while I would have liked to have had it gone down a little differently, it was still perfect. Yep, Caleb and Hanna are the couple that got engaged! There wasn't really a formal proposal and at first, I too wondered if Caleb said all that just to throw Mrs. Marin off the trail of why Caleb was there. But my suspicions were denied when they officially got engaged (married? not quite sure) in the tent and it's so them. 

Oh Mona, where do I even begin with you? You are a character I love to hate because you are just so good at what you do! First off, she has a short list of who she thinks is A.D. and now I'm thinking it's because she's way more involved then I previously thought. But pretty please do not make her A.D. again. Let's not repeat. Please! I do think that maybe, just maybe, she's helping her friends out. But the fact that she just so happened to be in the coffee/book store right when Aria found her puzzle pieces and then at the end with that whole investigator map in her house, things just don't seem to be adding up that great for her. Then there's the fact that she has the shovels, too. Plus there was that whole incident last week where she almost hurt Ali trying to get away at the school. Why was she even there? Things aren't looking good in my book for Miss Mona.