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Pretty Little Liars "Farewell, My Lovely" Episode Recap

Who killed Charlotte? We finally find out the truth about one thing at least.

Even though I really don't like Tanner that much, I've gotta admit that she is a good cop. She went by her instincts and she knew the girls are guilty for something, but she could never prove it. Since being a cop doesn't work like that, she had to go a different route. But I gotta give it to her for being the only cop that got this close to solving the murder.

I love the fact that Ezra finally told the girls what I've been thinking. That they needed to just realize that Aria made a mistake because she was backed into a corner. I mean, who else wouldn't have done the same in that very situation? Thank-you Ezra for speaking his mind since that made they realize what terrible friends they've been.

I'm not sure what A.D.'s plan was in putting the body in Aria's trunk. Maybe that was so that Aria could confess and turn herself in like she kind of wanted to. But doesn't that go against what they said to her when she was done with helping A.D.? I mean, they did say she was free and clear. I guess not for long. I am loving the fact that Ezra is the one that is backing her 100%. They need a win in the last episodes for that couple. They've been through a hard time.

Apparently Caleb and Hanna haven't told anybody that they got married. Not sure why they wanted to keep that a secret, but they did. In a way, I'm glad Caleb is the one who told Spencer first. I think she deserved that after what she's been through with them. I never liked Caleb and Spencer as a couple at all. They are better off as friends. 

I totally did not see how the end came about to be. I thought for sure that Mona had a twin. That someone else was the one at the end of the episode with the glasses. But sadly, no. She had another episode and went back to her crazy mental hospital days. Man, I gotta love that character. There's so many dimension's to being Mona.

In the end Mona ended up killing Charlotte. All because it was self defense. At first, Mona just scared Charlotte into thinking she was going to be killed. But then they got into a fight and it ended with Mona accidentally killing Charlotte. I'm not sure how A.D. knew it was Mona or what. Maybe it was just a hunch they had. Who knows, but it was all very interesting at the end. I'm kind of glad they had Mona be like this. It was a twist I didn't see coming. Well done on this part, that is.

Mary has confessed to killing Archer Dunhill to save Spencer and her friends from going to jail! Kind of twisted sweet again. Just like Mona killing Charlotte to protect her friends. But in a weird way, I liked that it ended, hopefully, like this. It has proven that even though Mary has had a hard time, she can still be a good person if it involves her daughter's life. 

And now the game has ended. The whole point of the game was to figure out who killed Charlotte. Which still doesn't totally add up to me. Why send Mona to the bell tower (how many deaths are gonna happen there, btw? I would hate to go up there!) if A.D. didn't already at least know something? Maybe they did and they wanted a confession who knows. I guess that's all more for series finale. Which I'm still not ready to say goodbye to, but if I don't watch it right away, I'll know who A.D. is before I'll want to and I hate spoilers!

Ok, that went off on a little rant, but if the finale is anything like it was with this episode, then I have nothing to worry about. I just hope it's not anything like Charlotte or someone we've never even heard of. That's my fear. Is that it's someone that I don't even know and to me, that isn't satisfying. By now I wouldn't even mind if it was one of the girls. Just as long as it makes sense and it isn't a complete stranger. 

Ok, sorry, another rant. I'm done now. Off to watch the finale and hopefully no crying from me since my favorite show is ending.