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Pretty Little Liars "Till Death Do Us Part" (Series Finale) Episode Recap

I can't believe I am writing my last ever recap for my favorite show, Pretty Little Liars.

It has been an amazing ride. From the beginning, I was hooked on this show. Though some things I figured out, there were still some twists that I didn't see coming and I kept guessing and theorizing along with everybody else. One of my small theories actually came true, but I'll talk about that in a minute.

I really don't even have words to describe how amazing the finale was. Everything I was hoping for happened and I know not everybody is going to love it as much as I did, but I for one loved it. I am beyond thrilled at the last A.D. storyline and that little tribute at the end was so amazing.

Ok, let's get into the episode now. Good thing I take notes because I don't remember all that happened now. So much amazingness happened at the end that it's hard to remember. That and the fact that they had 2 hours worth of show is still amazing. I'm so happy that they did a 2 hour finale. 

So, we start off where we left off last week. Mona fell off the deep end again and gets put back into a mental hospital and gets a visit from A.D. I'm guessing it wasn't really A.D. but in a mask because at the end even she wasn't sure who the real person was. That dream at the beginning that Mona had was quite weird. But kind of cool seeing Lucas and Jenna back right then.

Then it jumps 1 year ahead. The girls have moved on. Ezra and Aria still haven't gotten married, but their book may get turned into a movie. Hanna and Caleb are having personal issues again (kind of bummed to see that one) but it's about Mona. Hanna just feels like she's responsible for the state she put Mona in. Like Hanna's Mom said though, some things she just needs to let go and move on. Oh and Emily and Ali had not one baby, but two! Twins again! They hint at twins a lot on this show, don't they?

Spencer seems to be back to her old self. Haven't seen her around horses since day 1 and Miss Melissa is back and they are actually getting along! Guess some time apart is good for certain people. I did love the fact that Spencer bought Toby's old truck back and that Toby even saw it. The minute I saw Toby give that look to Spencer, I knew their relationship wasn't over. That they are finally endgame. One relationship I've been dying for since the break up.

I think Aria had the hardest time during the episode. Well, someone else had a hard time too, but I'll get to that in a minute. Aria had one of the biggest things taken away from her. Aria found out she can't have kids and was afraid that would be a deal breaker for Ezra. But after how many years in Rosewood time has it been now? I've lost track, but after how long they've known each other and what they've been through, like Ezra said, she should have known that he'd be there for her no matter what and he will be, I'm sure of it.

Ezra finally had a non awkward moment with Aria's dad. Ezra was afraid to ask permission to marry his daughter because he thought they never approved of Ezra. I loved the fact that Byron kind of proved him wrong and that he's done just that. Ezra has wanted nothing but good things for Aria.

Now time for the big reveal. Which I thought they had given it to us for real the first time when Melissa turned around, but that was just Mona in a mask. Mona is back on the A team and she's only there trying to help her friends find out who this jerk is. But seriously, they are crazy for waiting a full year to do something. Then again, they had to wait to set up that crazy dungeon thing at the end.

Mona's character is probably my second favorite. She's so complex and you never know if she's to be trusted. At the very end, you find out that all this time she is to be trusted. She was doing all of this to protect her friends.

Now for the big reveal which I am beyond thrilled about because that meant more screen time for my favorite character. Or should I say double the screen time? Yes, the twins thing has come again and I first thought I'd be annoyed, but I actually wasn't. Spencer has an identical twin sister. Alex Drake. Get it, A.D.? Alex loved Charlotte (ok, not like that, but like as a sister and wanted to be a family), but I think Charlotte used Alex that whole time and wasn't actually going to go through with making Alex any part of her happy ending. Alex always got the short end of the stick when it came to life and I did sort of feel sorry for her. That is until she decided to try to become Spencer.

Wait for it.....Wren was involved! He saw Alex in a pub a few years back and totally thought it was Spencer. They fell in love and he told her everything about Spencer. That was Alex that night at the airport when she saw Ezra leaving. That's when she met Toby and realized she wanted Spencer's life and get Toby and be happily ever after. But Wren is no longer with us. Alex killed him so she could keep him close to her heart.

So, I forgot to mention that while we are finding out all this lovely info, Spencer has been kidnapped by her evil twin. So, Alex being Spencer in the real world with her friends and making out with Toby. I was hoping someone, anyone I didn't care who at this point, would realize that Spencer isn't who she said she was. Thank goodness it was the shy horse that realized the difference and Toby caught on then too, I think. But it actually ended up being Jenna who pointed Toby in the right direction. Jenna, who I always hated, actually came to the rescue and I thought that was amazing that she even thought to do that. It's just so un-Jenna. But thank-you Jenna for doing that because you helped Toby save the day!

It was creepy Alex who is obsessed with Toby, that bought his old house and then turned the underground into a secret/creepy home away from home. Oh and by this point, Ezra started to pick up on the fact that Spencer wasn't Spencer and he got kidnapped too. So at least the real Spencer has some company, they just have to get out before Alex decides to chop up Ezra and make Aria a widow before she's even married.

They eventually get out, but not out out that's where their friends and Mona comes to the rescue. Mona was smart and called the cops. This is probably my favorite scene. When they stumble upon the twins fighting and they have no clue who's who, it's Toby who figures it out. I needed that for my favorite couple. He knew exactly what question to ask that only the real Spencer would know about and that's the push they needed to get back together, too.

I'm not sure if we jump forward again. I think we do, but I just don't remember by now. But the long awaited Ezra and Aria wedding finally happens. Everybody is there, including Miss Marlene making a silly but appropriate cameo in her own show.

Seeing the girls say goodbye was the hardest. I literally almost started crying at this point. It's then we realize that this whole A mess is over. That they can finally move on and have a happy life. Spencer and Toby did get back together. Ezra and Aria sounds like they are going on their honeymoon. Hanna did get pregnant! Ali and Emily have a wedding to plan. It sounds like they all lived happily ever after.

But wait, what about Mona? It seems like she moved to France (which is fitting for her) and opened a doll shop. Creepy, but again, fitting for Mona if you remember what her room looked like. Then who does she have locked up in the basement? None other then Mary and Alex set up and dressed up like dolls! So totally something Mona would do.

Oh, but it doesn't end there. I thought for a split second that first off when I saw Mona walk into a basement and saw the dollhouse, I thought she was gonna start the whole thing over again, but she didn't, she just had people locked up. Then when I saw the "barn" again, I thought great, it's going to start again at a wedding party. But nope, it was just a special tribute to the show and taking us back all the way to the beginning just an updated version and with a new set of girls. The mean girls that Ali and Emily have in their school? Well, the mean girl in that pack goes missing and it ends with "I thought I heard her scream" from a Spencer mini me look-a-like.